Fibbing Friday

Di is the host of Fibbing Friday where you are encouraged to lie!

This week I am inviting you to suggest or invent authors for these (I think) fictitious books.

1. The Mystery by Wanda Findout
2. Dances with The Wolverine Red Capison
3. Who killed Roland Rabbit Miyo Coondog
4. The Taming of the Crew Desord Uffear
5. Far from the Maddening Crowd Tom Depeeper
6. The Golden Crown Lotsam Onny
7. Up, Up and Away Izzy Updear
8. Bottoms Up Al Colism
9. For Whom the Bell Tinkles Gram Manonny
10. A Dog’s Day Izzen Inhell

Friday Fictioneers: Finally Found

Rochelle hosts Friday Fictioneers here:

Tony pulled up to the curb slowly, not wanting to risk having a small child run in front of the car. When you stopped at these roadside tag sales you never knew what you would find and if they had a big section of used toys you would usually find a few kiddos running wild. He was looking for a shelf for the kitchen. Nothing too big, nothing too wide or fancy, just something to hold the spices and maybe a few dressings.

Getting out of the car, Tony started scanning the sale to see where he might find this kitchen shelf when he saw it. He stopped, almost feeling like he might pass out, as if in a dream state. Sitting on an old whicker chair sat the old violin, his old violin, that his granny had given him when he graduated college. He hadn’t necessarily loved the ornate design but granny had had it painted special for him and for that he loved it. When he had moved into his new place he had left a few boxes at his parents house, figuring he would get them at some point that he had the room. He didn’t know that they would have a clean-out day and donate all of the “stuff” in the garage. When he realized what he had left in that “stuff” he was heartbroken.

Tony walked over to the violin, almost as if to not catch anyone’s attention, feeling like if he caught someone’s attention they would want the violin and snatch it away first. Picking up the beautiful instrument he could feel the tears welling behind his eyes and his throat starting to get tight as he held back his emotions.

The guy running the tag sale walked over. “Hey, what do you think of that old thing? My mom had picked it up at some thrift shop thinking I would love it but its a little too girlie for me. Do you play?”

“Um, well, sort of,” Tony stammered, now that he knew the guy thought it to be too girlie he didn’t want to admit it was his. “My niece is starting to play and her birthday is coming up. I’m her Godfather too so I wanted to give her something really special.”

“Well, I was asking $25 but if you really want it you can have it for $20. It would be nice to know someone loves it. I won’t play it,” the guy said laughing.

Tony took his wallet out of his pocket and took out a twenty-dollar bill. He handed it to the tag sale guy and nonchalantly walked away, not wanting to show this guy how ecstatic he really was. Getting into the car he laid the violin on the front seat next to him and smiled. “Thank you, Granny, I love it!”


This story is pure fiction but I wrote it after remembering a story my dad told me a long time ago. Apparently, he, Tony, had a beautiful violin, something expensive and a brand that most violin enthusiasts would know. He loved it and cared for it, as he learned to master playing it. One day he took it to a music shop to get tuned and cleaned properly. He picked it up and put it near the music stand in his living room. He didn’t play it again for quite a while, not really recalling why. He did remember that when he opened the case the next time it was NOT his beautiful instrument. The shop had switched it out with a typical, store-bought brand that was sort of cheap, maybe the kind for beginners who don’t want to put a ton of money into the playing until they were sure they liked it. He had been heartbroken and he never played again. It still breaks my heart to think of that.

Mr. Stresshead (Simply 6 Minutes)

Jezzie points out the little guy forgot something!

Jezzie G

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Form: Doggonet Sonnet

It’s too late for breakfast
It will have to be brunch
If only they had asked
And why not suggest lunch

Time to get some stuff in
Instead, he’s hunting high
And low, just for somethin’
He can put in a pie

Rabbit will make a fuss
Or throw a hissyfit
Or maybe even cuss
If there’s no tasty bit

But squirrel is so stressed
He forgot to get dressed

Time: 7 minutes
Word Count: 70


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New Sonnet: Zig Zag Sonnet

Jezzie G. writes sonnets, many, many sonnets and I thought about writing some too. After our “conversation” I decided to come up with a new sonnet called a Zig Zag Sonnet. (Jezzie said there weren’t any sonnets that started with a “z”). I don’t know how this can really become a new thing but I guess if I put my name on the bottom and claim it, it should be something, right? I tried to find a sonnet form with this name but could not. If someone knows something I don’t please let me know.

The first word of line one rhymes with the last word of line two
The first word of line three rhymes with the last word of line four
Keep repeating

14 lines – 3 quatrains, one 2 line coda
10 syllables each line

On Dying

Below the ground where the dead go to lie
The peaceful quiet hums but no lights glow
Missed by the loved ones who cry in the night
Visited with flowers remain unkissed

Sad but solemn people gather to mourn
Hoping their loved ones loved all that they had
Down in the earth to come back again soon
But for now must live in a world so brown

When angels rise they come back full and new
See all their potential and knowing then
That the world will miss them more than before
Seeing the imprints where they sadly sat

Why is death so distinctly clear and sad?
Is there a reason we all live to die?

©2023 CBialczak Sonnet – new form

Thursday Inspiration #202 Birds

Join Jim’s inspiration:

Respond to this challenge, by either using the prompt word bird, or going with the above picture, or by means of the song ‘Morning Has Broken’, or by going with another song by Cat Stevens, or anything else that you think fits.  

David introduced this song to me not that long ago and I absolutely can’t get enough of it.


Oh little bird
Sitting on a powerline
Sweet little thing

Don’t you know you caught my eye
Well spread your wings and come over to me
I said spread your wings and come over to me

Oh little bird
Did you hear the song of mine
Spitting up words
Taunted blood and wine
Well it tells of my love
But you dont need the pain of mine
Yes it tells of my love
But you dont need the pain of mine

When your bones feel hollow
Do you tremble do you shake
Do you cry when youre all alone
Do you scream out loud
I can show you how little birdie
If you show me home
When your bones feel hollow
When you tremble you shake
Do you cry when Youre all alone
Can you scream out loud
I can show you how
Little birdie if you show me home

Sing whoa whoa whoa whoa

Oh little bird
Did you hear the sorrow I
Hold in my heart
Which is buried deep inside

Sing it aloud and sing it to me
I said sing it aloud and sing it to me

Say whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa

Do your bones feel hollow
Do you tremble do you shake
Do you cry when you’re all alone
Do you scream out loud
I can show you how
Little birdie if you show me home
Do your bones feel hollow
Do you tremble do you shake
Do you cry when you’re all alone
Do you scream out loud
I can show you how
Little birdie if you show me home

Do your bones feel hollow
Do you tremble do you shake
Do you cry when you’re all alone
Can you scream out loud
I can show you how
Little birdie if you show me home

Do your bones feel hollow
Do you tremble do you shake
Do you cry when you’re all alone
Can you scream out loud
I can show you how
Little birdie if you show me home

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Alex Cote / Griffin Sherry / Max Davis / Mikaela Davis / Sean McCarthy

Little Bird lyrics © Royalty Network

The squirrel

Kriti has a poem about a smart little squirrel!

Life is Beauty..♥♥..

This picture is of a squirrel with his head in some sort of feeder, like he is looking for something.

Once there was a squirrel so sweet
Who kept believing in whatever the birds would tweet
Once a bird said
There's a nut in a small house
Built on a tree
Little did he knew it was full of bees
Just when he opened it and peeped
The bees chased him at their full pace
And he knew he would not be able to win the race
So he quickly came with a plan as he ran
And changed his path
That led straight to a pond
For he knew
There he could say phew
And be safe at least
From then on he took a pledge
To never trust a bird's tweets..

#Simply6minutes, Written for:



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Simply 6-Minutes Challenge 3/28/23 Post Pandemic Recession: A Squirrel’s Tale

Susan knows even the squirrels felt the effects of Covid

Sillyfrog's Blog

We are asked to creature a story in only 6 minutes inspired by the image below.

Chips wondered what the heck was going on. Two and a half years ago he was born during a time of plenty.
There were obstacles to be avoided then, but the eats were everywhere.
Now, the dogs he had once needed to trick were shut-in during the day and the ‘people behind the windows’ who kept the offerings of nuts, bread, and donuts coming daily, weren’t around anymore.
What had changed?
The house windows were dark now. The driveways were empty. And the audience he once showed off his gymnastic skills to wasn’t tapping on the glass. The worse change was the uptick in road traffic which was a new misery to the squirrel community.
This must be what his dad had called “the leaner days”.
People just can’t be counted on to…

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