Fibbing Friday 24th February

You can join in by writing a post with your answers and tag it #FibbingFriday.

Here are some familiar words but can you make up new definitions for them?
1.   Silicone An icecream cone made specifically with a hole in the end so anyone eating it has a big drip of icecream on their shirts. The person who invented this thought it was funny.
2.   Fluff the bit of flour that rises in the air from the bowl when you add flour to wet ingredients
3.   Loofah What someone in Boston says when asked where the bathroom is
4.   Caddy a male cat
5.   Pedantic a new quick step dance move
6.   Tangent The guy at the beach that looks like he should work there but he really only goes everyday to people watch
7.   Muffler The bad guy in a criminal duo who is in charge of shutting people up and then tying thier hands around their backs
8.   Calamity The pretentious term for Clam Chowder
9.   Archive excema on the bottom of the foot
10. Fortify the number after 44