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How does death change your perspective?

I have to laugh, well not really laugh, but anyone that knows me, knows that I have had my share of death and although it might make some people cynical it just makes me sad. I don’t hate God for taking my loved ones because I figure there has to have been a reason. Maybe that is just me. It hurts and I wish I knew why but that is all part of it I guess.

Hiding Place (Simply 6 Minutes)

Jezzie has one of those cats that thinks it is smarter than it’s human!

Jezzie G

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Not often I see it straight away, but I glanced the right way this morning and saw the pussmog looking at me

Hiding Place
Form: Cross Sonnet 1

The logs cut ready to keep warm
Through winter wind and snowy storm
Each day a few taken from the stack
Topping up the pile in fire rack

Close the door to keep out the cold
The frosty winds are taking hold
But where is she my little cat
I left her sleeping on the mat

Warming her paws beside the fire
Now where’s she gone my thoughts inquire
I look outside and see her stare
But don’t tell her I know she’s there

It will soon be time for her tea
And she won’t go that far, you see

Time: 7 minutes

Word Count: 100


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