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Write about your first computer.

I still remember it so well! My late husband was so mad by the end of it.
So, my father-in-law had been a chemist and worked many years for IBM. When we had talked about getting a computer he said that he had a friend that could give us one for very inexpensive. Yeah, foreshadowing…
The thing was slow as molasses and we kept having to buy upgrades to add to it because it was so old and so basic that we couldn’t barely send an email. At that time it would take almost an hour for the computer to boot up.
We should’ve just gone out and bought one for ourselves. That memory always aggravated my late husband!

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First Frost

Simply 6 Minutes – Welcome to the Challenge: 01/31/2023

Rising from the bench he sighed, the coldness clung to him like melted chocolate to a wooden spoon, but he wouldn’t rest until the hunt was over.

Walking across the field he eyed the spread of the snow fatalistically.  The heavy fall lay thick on the roof of the barn, and his hope faded, but he wouldn’t rest until peace prevailed.

Topping the ridge where bloomsflooded the landscape in summer, he felt his heart’s drumming intensify.  He’d spied the culprit.

“You,” He yelled at the small black bird perched silent and still, “I demand you leave.  There’s only room for one ultra cute bird in this area and that’s me, Detective Duck.”

There was no time for preparation, there was only time for panic, and Nathan was…

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