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Hahaha, I’m not really at a desk…I am standing on my vibration machine! Yes, I mentioned in some post that I would try this and I moved stuff on a shelf that was the perfect level and here I am. My eyeballs are jiggling a little so I will have to get used to that but I can get used to this. At least I know I will NOT fall asleep blogging. Disclaimer: If I do fall asleep I may be away from my blog for a while as I will probably have sustained a few injuries. My house is not that big so I moved things to fit, I didn’t have a good “extra” space.

Peace and have a good day!

New Book: And I was like November (Womens Fiction/ Black Humor/ Short Stories)

AndIwaslikeNov copy

Welcome to the book tour for And I Was Like November, a “beautifully written bummer” by Rachael Biggs. Read on for more info!


And I Was Like November

Expected Publication Date: January 31, 2023

Genre: Womens Fiction/ Black Humor/ Short Stories

20 October 2022… In a world where hyper-positivity and woke culture abounds, Rachael Biggs’ And I Was Like November offers a glimpse of the other side, while navigating themes of isolation and longing.

These are stories of what happens to the women that didn’t get their happy ending—the ones who don’t believe the cliches about family being everything and who know that live-laugh-love isn’t the cure all. Taboo topics that embrace a gritty reality include transactional sex, romantic obsession, maternal disdain and teenaged drug dealing are linked by the need to survive in the midst of questionable sanity and deep loneliness. 

“This is what happens when things don’t work out and the consequences and feelings we have in private as a result. They’re stories about women whose lives aren’t glossy, filtered, and Instagram ready, and the contrast of their brushed-under-the-rug realities is maybe more interesting and relatable. In a world where we’re bombarded with shiny fallacies, this is the beautiful side of ugly,” said Rachael.

Available on Amazon starting January 31st!

About the Author

Rachael Biggs is an author, screenwriter, copywriter and journalist. She studied creative writing at UBC, UCLA, and with masters of the craft Syd Field and Robert McKee. In 2016 she earned a screenwriting diploma from Vancouver Film School with a focus on television. 

Her memoir Yearning for Nothings and Nobodies debuted to critical acclaim and was adapted for the screen as Behind the Eight Ball.

She is a frequent contributor to print and on-line publications and her short fiction appears regularly in literary magazines including Door is a Jar, Angel City Review and Charge Magazine. 

She divides her time between Vancouver and Los Angeles. 

Rachael Biggs

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