A Horse in Armor: Compilation 01/19/2023

Armor for Man and Horse, Steel, leather, copper alloy, textile, Italian, Milan and Brescia

My actions seemed quite outrageous
I suppose you’d call them daft
to see my equine partner
bard in a coat and hat
The suit was made of armor
A fetish I admit
To see a horse so handsome
Disposable’d never fit
I swallowed any angst now
to point out my big guy
No cheater could they call me
Only authentic did I buy
He was the utmost handsome
I really must admit
But how can I clean real armor
when it’s full of horse’s shit?

©2023 CBialczak Poetry

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This one I called Sabrina’s Castle as it was a custom order for someone named Sabrina (brilliant I know!)

It came out pretty nice. I wasn’t completely happy with the quality of some of the pieces so I did take a little money off my original asking price. This is why I cannot wait to get my own 3D printer so I can start manufacturing pieces I need the then make stuff like this on my own. The little stone wall is also an upgrade because the pieces that came with this kit were little wooden pieces that were painted only on the two “faces” so the rest of the “brick” was wood. It looked awful so I ordered “real” bricks and made the stonewall that way. I do stuff like that included in my pricing because I really don’t want to spend my time making junk to then sell it as “nice”.

From my desk: 01/19/2023

I forgot to take pictures from the start but I have been making my meals from Hello Fresh and I feel like I am eating at a restaurant every night!

The coloring is slightly weird but this was Honey Miso Broccoli Donburi with broccoli and sweet potatoes. So good! I would have never made something like this with an egg on it!

This was from last night. Silky Sicilian Penne with shrimp. I used the already-cooked shrimp and threw it in toward the end and it tasted fine. I probably would have tasted even better if I had cooked the shrimp in the pan with the other ingredients.

Not sure how long I will continue this but the recipes are so good and they have been so easy! I am super excited about tonight…stay tuned