The Sunday Whirl: 01/01/2023

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boat preserve speak resist oil fire drive fly shoot matter close right

Taking a break

It was just a matter of fact
A way to preserve my soul
Speaking with honest resolve
A way to close a hole

A hole like in a boat
With oil on its hull
Flying through the night
The cabin stocked up full

The cabin full of stuff
Mostly for the drive
Shooting across the glass
How the water seems alive

The water seeming hot
I get caught by a surprise
No fire and no match around
But it kept away the flies. 

The flies resist the temptation
To land upon our food
Sitting right in front of us
Which elevates my mood. 

My mood is calming down
the boat is slowing too
Now I feel like I’m renewed
It’s what I like to do.

©2023 CBialczak Poetry

Six Sentence Stories: Visa

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Checking his watch Brent was relieved to see that he still had time to stop in the men’s room and have a quick shave. He had his visa ready in his jacket pocket along with his ticket, so he could avoid his usual fumbling right at the gate, with all the other passengers staring and getting annoyed. With a quick splash of water and a squirt of shaving cream Brent lathered his face and took out the razor. Suddenly all the lights went out and the sound of running feet was the most prominent sound in the terminal. Shaving in the dark would not work so Brent took a dry towel, wiping off the cream, drying his face, then quickly ducked into a stall to hide from whatever chaos was erupting outside the bathroom doors.

Just Jot it January 2023

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Your prompt for JusJoJan January 1st 2023, is “resolution.” Use the word “resolution” any way you’d like. Have fun!

My Resolution

If I make a resolution its to have a bit more fun
Make a bowl of ice cream right before I take a run
Eat up all my supper even when its take-out food
Say thank you for store samples, I don’t want to be rude.
I’d get myself out walking, enjoy the sounds and sights
Go to bed real early, avoid those sleepless nights.
Eat nothing but my favorites, ’cause happiness prevails
We’ll see what being happy, for me, really entails!

©2023 CBialczak Poetry
***My first poem of 2023!