That is the only word that comes to mind on this day, December 28th.

28 years ago my mother died, losing her battle with Cancer 12-28-94
15 years ago (a rough estimate) my first mother-in-law died 12-28-08
7 years ago my aunt, my mother’s sister died, from health-related issues. 12-28-16

They say things happen in threes…Is this called fate or irony? RIP ladies.

And so one must wait…

An emptiness exists
that all the love in the world
cannot fill
but the heart and the head
do not work together
for it they did
the emptiness
would disappear.

A place exists
where wonder blows
around and around
where the mind
cannot see what
the heart feels
and the mind cannot
make sense
of the chaos.

Will there be an even plane
where the heart and the head
may meet
and decide
who is right and
who is wrong?
Will that empty space grow smaller
and smaller
until it is less than
a pin prick
in tightly woven fabric
that otherwise
won’t let anything through?

Does the mind know
what the heart is feeling?
Why does the longing
despite the hurt
and the lack of respect
that are owed
to another human being?

Someday there will be
a truth that must come
and then there will be
and peace
because no other reminders
will ever be placed
upon that gaping hole
in the soul.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Looking Forward to Things Continuing

Tiredhamster gives a perspective on the upcoming year

Very Important Stuff Here

The mush of this year
coagulates into another
but it’s not enough
to deter the residuum
of hope that the days
will finally sharpen.

But each step
is barely a memory
and memory barely
holds me. The sky
today might as well
be held in place
for each and every day
and the century
can remain in this
mist that atomizes
shadow and man,
the sky and buildings.

2023 is finally
2024, for what it’s worth.
And the future is
already ghost,
and the past steps
forth, and sleep
blurs into sun.
But the present
was never home.

Written for Simply 6 Minutes with the prompt being below (substitute 2022 with 2023):

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