Thursday Inspiration #188 Pump It Up

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The themes are heaven and Pump It Up

Watch for me

If I could wish for just one thing
it’d be for a large balloon
I’d use my strength to pump it up
and get to you real soon.

Someone told me just today
that there is just one path
to Heaven as our God proclaims
eliminates all wrath.

And so I take my big balloon
and bounce and hop real high
’cause I know you’re in heaven now
and I can reach the sky

So watch for me if you can
through sunlight and some clouds
and I’ll be shouting out your name
I’ll make sure I scream real loud!

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

A Very Middle Earth Problem

A hobbit sized piece of fan fiction poetry

Jezzie G

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

A Very Middle Earth Problem
Form: Canadian Sonnet (English)

Bilbo Baggins lived in a Hobbit Hole
He liked it kept tidy, ordered, and neat
When Frodo called by with snow-covered feet
There was nothing that could his heart console

For wiping feet, he placed mats by the door
But the puddles beneath were not so sweet
But hobbits must never admit defeat
So another plan, better than before

Bilbo installed giant feet there outside
A subtle hint or so he thought it be
An obvious thing anyone could see

And sure Bilbo’s logic can’t be denied
Until the chill came along with the cold
Frodo’s feet stuck out, a sight to behold

Word Count: 104
Time 11 minutes 10 seconds


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New Book: Where David Threw Stones (Historical Fantasy/ Historical Fiction/ WW2)

Welcome to the tour for Where David Threw Stones by Elyse Hoffman. Perfect for fans of The Book Thief.

Where David Threw Stones

Publication Date: September 27th, 2022

Genre: Historical Fantasy/ Historical Fiction/ WW2

“Welcome to the Brennenbach of Midnight! The Curse Hours have begun.”

West Germany, 1968

When ten-year-old David Saidel’s parents are murdered, he is sent to live with his grandfather in the anti-Semitic village of Brennenbach. Miserable and lonely, David finds solace in his kindly Grandpa Ernst, who has one strict rule: never go out after midnight.

When David breaks curfew to search for his missing dog, he discovers why Ernst is so serious about his curfew: Brennenbach is cursed. When midnight strikes, the town is thrown back to 1943, the height of Hitler’s reign.

The Nazi ghosts that infest Brennenbach are just as dangerous as they were in life. They’re hunting for David, thinking he is the last member of a family they’ve been ordered to destroy.

Through the help of a little girl named Maria Rahm, David sets out to end the Curse before it claims more victims.

Award-winning author Elyse Hoffman has crafted an expertly woven tale of World War II’s horrors – perfect for readers of Marcus Zusak’s “The Book Thief,” or Michael Reit’s “Beyond the Tracks.”

Check out the wonderful reviews on Goodreads and grab a copy today!

Available on Amazon

About the Author

Elyse Hoffman is an award-winning author who strives to tell historical tales with new twists. She loves to meld WWII and Jewish history with fantasy, folklore, and the paranormal. She has written six works of Holocaust historical fiction: The Barracks of the Holocaust five-book series and The Book of Uriel. Elyse’s books are the way to go if you love history and want to read some unique stories.

Elyse Hoffman

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