Fandango’s Provocative Question

What’s the hardest decision you’ve ever had to make? What made the decision so difficult?

Funny how you can draw a blank and have to really think hard to think about a decision you have made in the past. Anyhow…

One of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make was in trying to recover a relationship with my sister. I know why she has some hurt feelings and I was willing to talk to her about it and work through it but she said there was no problem. She has hurt me in so many ways and in her continued attitude that I am imagining that we have a problem. She says it is just that she has nothing to talk to me about and really doesn’t want any sort of relationship. In my head I always kept trying to figure out how to “fix” this, I missed having my sister to call and visit. But to maintain my own health I had to make the decision to stop trying and just accept that we no longer have a relationship. Sad to say but I am the only child out of 5 kids, and I know it isn’t me! That might sound obnoxious but I know what kind of person I am and I am NOT cruel, uncaring, or disrespectful to anyone!

This was so hard to finally decide to stop trying because not only is she family but she is one of the only people left in my life that knew Bob (my first husband) and Joey (my son). I wish I had someone to reminisce with about these two men I lost way too soon. I also wish I could share my life with her now, but she doesn’t like David and said she never will.

Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – Pinkish

Join in here:

So, I have this running “thing” with David that I will just say what comes to my mind. Often it is some word or name of someone that comes to me completely out of the blue, like now it was dysplasia.

A term used to describe the presence of abnormal cells within a tissue or organ. Dysplasia is not cancer, but it may sometimes become cancer. Dysplasia can be mild, moderate, or severe, depending on how abnormal the cells look under a microscope and how much of the tissue or organ is affected.)

See! I have no idea where this came from!
Anyhow here is my Pink poem that came to me just without even thinking

Pretty Indeed Night Knitting (yeah, I have no idea!)

Anyhow, this came from one of my walks with Brody!

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Inhumane Treatment

Jim’s creepy tale of an honest mistake

A Unique Title For Me

We were locked inside of a cave without being convicted or sentenced for a crime.  We were accused of trespassing on private property, and we were illegally held without bail and without having a hearing to decide our fate.  It was an agonizing ordeal being accused of crimes and then incarcerated with no end in sight.  The owner of this property had the right to prevent other people from entering his property, but he did not have the right to incarcerate us.  We told him that we meant no harm and that we didn’t intend to trespass and that we just inadvertently ended up on his property.  We asked him to call the Sheriff, but he said that he had a better way to punish us, and he marched us to this cave pointing his shotgun at us the whole time.  He brought us food and water every day and we…

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