New Beginning: A Compilation 12/31/2022 (Last one of 2022!)

It takes an experienced explorer to find something brand new
Its like they knew before him, the advent rang untrue
Wound up in quite a tizzy before they plummet to the ground
It takes a broader spectrum of adventuring abound
So with the change in seasons we welcome a new thrill
And ward off any evil eyes that peer right through and chill
And what is that upon us when waking in the mist
A newer happy ending without a negative twist

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

season, chill, plummet
new, knew

Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt

wk 292 tenet

Looking Forward

I am no master but I try my best
Each new day a mighty test
To keep the tenet of the pack
Looking forward, no looking back
Standing up to what I know
Watching those around me grow
Positivity kept in check
Negativity, no way in heck
And through my laughter and my tears
I think about all the years. 

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Fibbing Friday 30th December 2022 – a day late…better late than never!

Di took my idea and of course, I have to try my go at it but I am more anxious to see what everyone else wrote!

1. What is a dentist? The appraiser at the autobody shop
2. What is a paralegal? a girls best friend, always walking side by side
3. What is a Nanny? a goat herder
4. What is an auditor? The docent at a car museum in Germany
5. What is a programmer? The person who checks written work for correct noun/verb usage
6. What is a cartographer? Someone who studies vessels used for carrying things
7. What is a musician?
8. What is a cordwainer? A doctor who specializes in ED and other “male” issues
9. What is a taxidermist? The person who washes taxis with a soft sprayer and cotton cloth
10. What is a penciller? Someone who rules 5 countries at one time

I couldn’t think of anything for #7!

Looking for a sign

In the heavens I see the stars
in the darkness
and I say to the night sky
“send a message”
but no one hears it
and there are no shooting stars
or meteors
to give me any sign
that there is someone
watching over me.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Simply Six Minutes: It’s Getting Better

John lets us know that the best expectation is no expectation…paraphrased in my own words.

The Sound of One Hand Typing

Making the requested changes would make it say “2023 will probaby be better. If 2022 taught us anything, it’s not to set the bar too high & to keep our optimism mild.”

A song immediately comes to mind: The Beatles, “It’s Getting Better.”

Notice how, in the chorus, the response to “I got to admit it’s getting better, it’s getting better all the time” is “It can’t get any worse.”

A friend of mine used to quote the old Arabic adage, “expect nothing and be surprised.” That’s the way I feel about it. Who knows what’s going to happen next year, apart from an omniscient God or a clairvoyant?

2022 was not an espcecially good year, but it wasn’t bad, either. Maybe that’s my perspective as someone who says at home most of the time and does his best to ignore the news except at a very high level. From…

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I’m Still Standing (Simply 6 Minutes)

Jez leaves us with the thought-provoking question of who should receive our utmost attention in life…

Jezzie G

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

2022 has been a good, if not a great year for me. I set the bar high as I needed to get back on track. Anyway, different type of sonnet with very little rhyme. A joyous new year to all that read.

And my song says it for 2022, I don’t think Elton will mind me stealing the title

I’m Still Standing
Form: Capped Sonnet

2021 brought the spirals
Bipolar was kicking me down and down
With depression inviting suicide
2022 I fought it back
A year of growing stronger, fighting it
No regrets, the year has been bloody good
My thanks to my friends who stayed for the ride
This is why you mean everything to me
You offered me light in that darkest place
And to those who just couldn’t be bothered
I don’t need you…

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That is the only word that comes to mind on this day, December 28th.

28 years ago my mother died, losing her battle with Cancer 12-28-94
15 years ago (a rough estimate) my first mother-in-law died 12-28-08
7 years ago my aunt, my mother’s sister died, from health-related issues. 12-28-16

They say things happen in threes…Is this called fate or irony? RIP ladies.

And so one must wait…

An emptiness exists
that all the love in the world
cannot fill
but the heart and the head
do not work together
for it they did
the emptiness
would disappear.

A place exists
where wonder blows
around and around
where the mind
cannot see what
the heart feels
and the mind cannot
make sense
of the chaos.

Will there be an even plane
where the heart and the head
may meet
and decide
who is right and
who is wrong?
Will that empty space grow smaller
and smaller
until it is less than
a pin prick
in tightly woven fabric
that otherwise
won’t let anything through?

Does the mind know
what the heart is feeling?
Why does the longing
despite the hurt
and the lack of respect
that are owed
to another human being?

Someday there will be
a truth that must come
and then there will be
and peace
because no other reminders
will ever be placed
upon that gaping hole
in the soul.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry