Fandango’s Flashback Friday — November 4th

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Go figure that when I remember to participate in Flashback Friday, there is almost never a post from that day any year I go to. So this was from November 4, 2019. I honestly don’t know if I even want to reread it because this is the year I lost my son and six days before what would have been his 20th birthday….
Okay, it really wasn’t bad. 👍🏻 (maybe just a little boring!)

Well, so much has transpired this past week, I don’t even know where to begin. I will do the random retell, I think that will be more interesting.

So Saturday was my birthday. I flew back from Florida that morning and then got spoiled by David and Lindsay all day. David got me a guinea pig! His name is Beary. That is short for Bearclaw. Bearclaw is the name of Penelope’s New Puppy (the book I wrote).

I had an update on Facebook that I have raised $345 for Babies Heart Run, the fundraiser dedicated to my birthday and November 10th which would have been Joey’s 20th birthday. My goal is $1000. Spread the word!

I decided to try and illustrate my picture books. I have been sending query letters out for three different books that I have written. I am not sure which I like best because they are all so different. When I look into what an agent is looking for I kindof match a manuscript with something they will hopefully be looking for. Some days I am so optimistic, other days I am convinced my writing is horrible and I will never get an agent. I think being and Author-Illustrator will be better than just Author. Saves time from having to find an illustrator I guess. I will be doing some online research to see what it necessary to know to be a picture book illustrator. Who knows? I am a pretty good artist.

I have been signing up for so many different groups, primarily for critiquing my work. If you know any picture book writers that want to work in some sort of critique group please send them my name or send them to my blog!

Have a great evening. Time for bed and just a little Mahjong!

Fibbing Friday: 4th November

Hello and welcome to Fibbing Friday.
You can join in by writing a post with your answers to the questions below and tag it “Fibbing Friday” or #FibbingFriday.

This week is a theme of phobias and I’ve given you 15 as there were so many good ones.

The idea is to have fun, be outrageous (but please keep it family friendly), silly, cheeky, or whatever takes your fancy as long as you fib your socks off.

So, what do you think these are phobias of?

Ablutophobia – fear of feeling bloated after a big meal
Androphobia – fear of anything that is not made by Apple
Ataxophobia – fear of being taxed
Autophobia – fear of cars
Bathmophobia – fear of taking a bath
Chromophobia – fear of anything not black or white
Ephebiphobia – fear of words with double letters
Genuphobia – fear of being honest
Heliophobia – Fear of floating
Nomophobia – fear of getting more of anything
Osmophobia – fear of inclusion
Podophobia – fear of tight places
Trypophobia – fear of attempting to pop balloons
Wiccaphobia – fear of witches
Zuigerphobia – fear of words starting with the letter Z