Fibbin’ Friday

Hello!  I’m Melanie and I co-host Fibbin’ Friday with the admirable Di.

Here is this week’s set of colorful questions.  Remember this is FIBBIN’ Friday, so what is an obvious answer would be a wrong choice.  We want some creative answers to the very obvious ones.  These questions are from a mixed genre.

Fibbin’ Friday


Unicorn gas allegedly contains this collection of colors Brown, yellow, and black – shades vary depending on foods eaten.

Yellow or green, most people eat a lot of these. Unicorn poop and Leprechaun poop

Red as a ?   Republican

Gold and tawny, with huge teeth, you probably don’t want to meet me in a dark alley.   My  ex-boyfriend from high school

Elizabeth Taylor preferred her diamonds to be this color.  Purple to match her perfume label

Autumn leaves are what color (multiple choice answer)?  Not green

blue represents happiness for this avian.  Ducks because they know that they can land in water

Every cloud has a *insert color* lining.  humid

someone who is very naïve, could be said to be as *insert color” as grass.  as seedy as grass

a Halloween moon, a delicious fruit,  and something alleged really good Brie Cheese, mangos and chocolate ice cream

for eyesight are what color?  bunnies love these. It depends on what color polish you use.

This was terribly hard! Maybe it is my exhaustion level. Peace out!

Saddle Up Saloon: Cowsino October 2022

The Carrotranch has a Cowsino open for October. Stop by here and check it all out.

Once upon a time there was a farmer who decided to open a farm for all of the animals that other farmers decided they were done with. 

Every day the farmer would stand by his mailbox and wait until he saw the sad animals walking down the road. He would wave them over and tell them that they were welcome to come live at his farm. He called it the Forever Farm.

But one day a chicken came walking backwards down the road. The Farmer didn’t know if he would be able to get the chicken’s attention before he passed so he decided to put out a roadblock to stop the chicken at his mailbox. This certainly worked because when the chicken hit the road block, not only did he stop but he started screaming and bouncing around like an old Mexican jumping bean. 

He finally came to a stop at the farmer’s feet.
“Why’d you stop me like that?”, asked the chicken.
“I wanted you to stop so I could ask you if you wanted to come live here at the Forever Farm. You were walking backwards and I didn’t want to miss you when you walked by.”

“Well, that was awfully nice of you but when I get scared I can’t control myself.”

“That’s no problem. I don’t mind what any of you animals do,” replied the farmer.

Except, every time there was a loud noise in one of the fields, or a new animal, or the honk of a horn, the chicken started screaming and bouncing everywhere. Then it came, the UPS truck, with its big brown boxy sides. “Honk, Honk” The driver beeped the horn to get the farmer’s attention. 

Suddenly the chicken appeared screaming and bouncing, and he scared the UPS driver so much that the driver jumped into the truck and started driving away when the chicken bounced right in front of the truck. The UPS driver didn’t have time to stop. The chicken didn’t know where he was, and the farmer looked on with dread at the mess that became this poor little chicken. 

After this happened the farmer decided he wouldn’t stop animals to invite them to live at his farm, he would wait until they asked him for help. Then he would remember to explain all the safety rules of his farm so this tragedy didn’t happen again.

From that day on, the farmer waited just inside his fence so animals couldn’t talk to him while they were still in the road. The farmer and the UPS driver never had an accident with any animal ever again.

©2022 CBialczak

Night-time Reunion

Raven leaves us wondering what will happen next to this loving couple.

Jezzie G

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Night-time Reunion
Blank Verse Sonnet

On Halloween night when the veil is thin
I hear your footsteps touch upon the ground
The shadow from the corner of an eye
As the howling wind steps up a notch
I feel you closer and know you are there
The old ones have returned in autumn’s call
You come to join me sat by the fireside
To share the night as I pour out the wine
While the feast is waiting for us to eat
At last, my love, I feel you closer yet
But still, I long to feel my lover’s kiss
Instead, we stroll through trees, our woodland space
Reunited once more for such a short time
Sweet goodnight my one, I love you until…

Word Count: 120
Time: 11 minutes 10 seconds


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