From my desk: 09/23/2022

So yesterday was a traumatic day! Brody woke me at 7:30 like every morning, to go for his morning walk. I dressed and leashed him and set out like any other morning. We got around the mailbox and the dogs next door were behind the 8 foot fence barking. We moved closer to the middle of the road and as we walked in front of the side of their house, 3 giant pit bulls came out and starting attacking Brody. I fell to the ground and the female owner was screaming trying to grab the dogs. Nothing was working, it was horrible. I was screaming at the top of my lungs. Luckily, some neighbors came and the man was able to get the dogs to respond to his voice and got them inside. At the same time, Brody was able to run away and by then David had heard me screaming and was outside too. Brody was bleeding profusely!

We went to an animal emergency room about 35 minutes away and they quickly hooked him to an IV to give him pain meds and a sedative. After a few hours they were able to put their hands on him and evaluate the injuries. He was lucky…sort of. His back left leg from the hip down was mangled pretty bad. It wasn’t until later that they were able to confirm those were the only bitten areas. He had one very bad puncture and one other bad bite then countless small bites that were too many for them to count.

Brody just got home. He is in horrible pain. He has two drains to keep from retaining fluid in the two bad areas. He has a cone on. He won’t let me leave his side, which is okay. When we got home from dropping him at the ER the neighbor came over to say they put two of the dogs down. They had been getting increasingly aggressive and she didn’t want to ever see something like that happen again. I was saddened and relieved at the same time.

I have NEVER witnessed or been involved in something so horrific. If the other neighbors hadn’t come out I believe Brody would have been killed and I would have been wounded too. We realize that all of our neighbors are good people. Brody will heal. My PTSD is now elevated again but I have my writing, my art, and my family and friends.