Song Lyric Sunday

Each week I find a song that I used to love, haven’t heard in ages, or never heard at all.

This week the theme is Australian music.

The Wiggles were one of the first groups I thought of when I saw Australian music. I never knew of them in the early 90’s but we went to a live concert when my kids were little. It was awesome! My kids loved music so they loved the show! November 24, 2001 New London, CT Garde Arts Center (


Get Ready to Wiggle
We’ve been ready for so long
Get Ready to Wiggle
When you wiggle you can’t go wrong
Get Ready to Wiggle
Wiggle will make you big and strong
Get Ready to Wiggle
Come on wiggle to this song
Wiggle to this song

We’re ready to wiggle
Wiggle your fingers high in the sky
We’re ready to wiggle
Wiggle your ears and wiggle your eyes
We’re ready to wiggle
Wiggle your hair and wiggle your nose
We’re ready to wiggle
Come on wiggle all ten toes
Wiggle all ten toes

Wiggle and wiggle
Wiggle at home without a care
Wiggle and wiggle
Wiggle alone or with your teddy bear
Wiggle and wiggle
Wiggle at breakfast lunch or tea
Wiggle and wiggle
Wiggle along with me
That’s right wiggle along with me
(Ba damp ba bamb ba damp ba damp)

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Anthony Field / Greg Page / Jeffrey Fatt / John Field / Murray Cook

Get Ready to Wiggle lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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Do you think you’d be game to try nudism, someday? I really only have a few problems with nudism…1. There are too many freaky weirdos who do f—-ed up things to people for no reason. 2. Some people think that only one body type is “good”. 3. Clothes off don’t need to be the equivalent of sexual activity and 4. Some people are NOT clean and have no intention on changing that and that is not something I want to encounter! 5. Has anyone thought of diseases? 🤢

This side of me: Whirligig 388

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “On Reading Allen Ginsburg’s ‘Homework'” by Andrea Carter Brown: fold, dirty, linens, tore, think, wash, closets, matter, clean, strangers, removed, paper

Does it ever really matter if you see my dirty laundry

Piled up in a corner of my cozy little room?

Its all washed up, but just not folded, clean as can be

It does not preclude any doom

Will you think of me less if I removed all the parcels

Before strangers come in to see the big mess

If I clean up the torn papers and linens abound

So there will be no sins I need to confess?

Or do I hide it in closets so nobody sees

How messy I am and unkempt?

Can you continue to love me despite these misgivings?

Will my untidy side from your love be exempt?

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

The Truth: Compilation 09/18/2022

Narcotic skies depict the culture of the world
Where a fondness for hatred encapsulate thought
An obtuse idea indicative of our leaders
Who think of nothing more than sinking lower than ought

I don’t want to be saved in a place like a cupboard
Closed and dark opened only once for a simple cup
The design of our world should be clean and open
Allowing us to live in peace, while the evil shut up

We are all different or that’s what they all say
like the tiles lining the wall of a bathroom stall
Scrubbed clean only when someone wants to do it
showing the shine that is hiding under it all.

Someday there will be life without hate or sadness
Brought on by others who have no care for the lame
Grief is free, given when we have loved ones who depart
In the end, don’t we know we all are the same

©2022 CBialczak Poetry