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This poem is from 2019 and is about Autumn. Now that I am living in a southern state my ideas of autumn are very different.

Autumn Polyptoton Poem 

The leaves crackle as I walk down the walkway 

Watching for small creatures to appear from under the leaves. 

Mist covers my shoulders as the wind wisps through the path. 

No sound other than the crunch of my feet 

Crushing more leaves, leaving only fragments of summer behind.  

©2019 CBialczak Poetry

Throwback Thursday #56 – Is it Better to Have Loved and Lost?

Maggie is hosting Throwback Thursday:

This week’s prompt is: First Heartbreak

How old were you when you had your first heartbreak? (For some it might be well into adulthood and that’s fine, too!) I think I was about 21 when it all finally ended. It started I suppose when I was 19.

Who broke your heart – first names only? James

Do you remember how the breakup happened? Someone told me that he was cheating on me. I accused him, and he denied it. After that everytime, he spoke of other girls I didn’t trust him so I broke up with him. That was when I was 19. When I was about 22 we got back together and I was so happy. After a few weeks we were supposed to meet for dinner and he cancelled and said he never wanted to see me again. I begged him to meet me face to face to tell me why and he said – because I broke his heart once he was going to break my heart.

Did you have a ring or token of your love? Did you return it? no, nothing

Did you think this was true love? yes

Did you play any sad songs to soothe the pain? If so, do you remember the name of the song? I can’t remember playing any songs but it took a long time to get over the pain he caused. It was just so mean.

If you were an adolescent, were your parents sympathetic or were they of the “it’s only puppy love” school of thought? My father had no idea and my mother was so sick with cancer. My friends told me I was lucky to be done with him.

How long did it take you to get over it all? Honestly? About 25 years

Do you remember this person fondly or is it someone you prefer to forget? I don’t know if I want to know him or not. What he did was really cruel, I feel. For many years I just wanted to ask him if he cared about me anymore. It really doesn’t matter though.

After all was said and done, was it for the best or did you remain longing for a love lost? Who knows? I think if we were together it would have been good but then again if he is that vengeful, who knows.

Empty Kingdom

Brandon’s words of wisdom

Brandon Ellrich, Writer/Author/Poet

Empty Kingdom

Princes and Ladies danced in the Hall,
	While Kings and Queens would feast;
Tapestries and paintings adorned the walls;
	Their riches would never cease.

But time and change are constant foes,
	Relentless in their pursuit;
The kingdom witnessed many woes,
	Their riches turned to loot.

Now the birds dance through the Hall,
	Partnered by the wind;
Ivy now adorns the walls,
	No feasting ne’er again.

Gold and riches, ye may amass,
	And may rise to power anon,
But things of this world cannot last,
	In an instant they are gone.

Ye may build your castle with strength of stone,
	Have riches beyond belief,
But be wary they do not leave you alone,
	Mired in sorrow and grief

Copyright © 2022 Brandon Ellrich

This poem was written in response to Simply 6 Minutes at Stine Writing. Please visit their page to participate and read other responses. (117 words)


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