My country needs your help — Keep it alive

So many problems in our own lives but it really is worldwide and help is needed in so many places!

Tao Talk

As you might have read or heard on news that my country Pakistan has been hit by the worse flood in our nation’s history. More than 30 million people have been rendered homeless. They are in dire need of food, shelter and medications. People have asked about donations so I’m posting a few links to […]

My country needs your help — Keep it alive

Please, if you can spare a few dollars, consider donating them to the People of Pakistan. They need our help.

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Poor Old Man: Compilation 09/07/2022

Beaming in his bolero the peasant wasn’t quick
He knew he shouldn’t dawdle, but man, the air was thick
Being a true pluviophile he really wished for rain
He couldn’t get the portrayal out, like phosphenes on his brain
Liking what he was thinking, a morsel of a plan
He slunk right past the bouncer like a filament in the sand
The pocket of his trousers was full of coins and junk
And also there was woolly fuzz, uncanny ’cause it stunk
But as he thought about it the more he decided no
and feeling strikhedonia was happier to go
His plan to take his money and use it on some drink
Was foiled by his odor and how bad he did stink
He’d never get inside the bar without being thrown out
Serving stinky poor men was not what they’re about
And so he went his way back to find an open space
to rest his hot and weary head and find his happy place.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Simply 6 Minutes – Go Away I’m Reading

Raven offers a Balanced Sonnet this week with a topic most anyone can understand!

Jezzie G

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Oh yes, I get the feeling for this picture. I am an avid reader and I like to read in peace and quiet away from everyone – it’s my time in my space. Given I read a lot of crime fiction the police tape should be on my bedroom door – for now, a Keep Out sign will do. This week’s sonnet is the Balanced Sonnet

Go Away I’m Reading
Form: Balanced Sonnet

The damn phone that doesn’t stop it’s ring-ring
And the list of calls left unanswered grow
For talking right now is just not my thing
I’m reading a book like you didn’t know
So stop calling me and leave me alone
A plot thickens while the outside winds blow
And I am not picking up that damn phone

My mind is lost while turning…

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Simply 6 minutes 6th September

Di has made a good point here…


Christine at Stine Writing is our host for the Simply 6 minutes photo challenge.
Find out more and join in here
This is a picture of a wall of books with a door tucked in the middle. The door has some sort of caution or police tape on it warning people not to go in the door.

I must admit I didn’t know where to go with this, but when I thought about it, a library is a means of escape for many, to cast aside their daily lives and bury themselves in fact or fiction for a few hours. I was a librarian in my final two senior years and in my free time, you would usually find me in the library.

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