The Best Guy: Compilation 08/29/2022

He told me not to nag
He said I was a grouch
I thought I was quite winsome
As I giggled on his couch
There was a list of calls
In a sea of appointments
Being silly was infectious
Thats usually how it went
He told me nevermore
Would he have me here to dine
He worried how I’d act
If I had a glass of wine
I told him he was lame
I asked him not to whine
I’m only being joyful
His outrage was not fine.
He glared at me disturbed
He was asking me to leave
I cried and begged him “No!”
I grabbed him by the sleeve.
He took me in his arms
and said he wasn’t mad
I told him I was sorry
That he’s the best I’ve ever had.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry