From my desk: 08/26/2022

I can’t believe how quickly time seems to pass. It is remarkable when you think about those days, like Christmas morning as a kid, when days didn’t come fast enough. How does that work? Totally random question, no need to really ponder it.

But this is why I am writing:

What kind of Spam do you get in your WordPress comments?

I ask because mine is really inappropriate, to the point of disgusting sometimes, and I was wondering if that was just my site or if everyone got the same Spam. Maybe I clicked on something once and now it stuck? Where do they all come from and honestly, what is the point of them? Call me naive but I can’t wrap my head around it.


Shashi has a thought on dancing alone!

Shashi's Verse

These lines are written in response to a prompt on

The prompt was to write about the image given below.


There are birthdays

And there are other days

When it’s not your birthday

Doesn’t mean you can’t dance

Stand in the nude with a swag

Pointing at the burglar, far away

Who has escaped with your rags


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