Simply 6 Minutes – Dance Monkey Dance

Raven shares a sonnet

Jezzie G

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes– thank you, Christine

Looks like a lemur to me, the Sifikas lemur is known as the dancing lemur. Not that I am any kind of monkey expert, not even sure lemurs are monkeys, to be honest, but that cheeky thing looks like one, but I ain’t David Attenborough so don’t take my word for it

Dance, Monkey, Dance
Form: Arabian Sonnet

In the hazy memories of romance
I swear it happened by a random chance
While we were to walking the South of France
‘Tis on my oath I saw a monkey dance
You said it was the demon wine I drink
And my mind set in too crazy to think
Yet as we sat watching the sunset sink
I swear I saw my dreams in dark eyes twink
But could it be in your love I am lost

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Three! Three! Three! Assignments In One!

John tells it like it is!

The Sound of One Hand Typing


Why do you suppose our little Capuchin monkey is so happy? Maybe because he’s going on vacation! At least, that’s my first impression, which is probably wrong, but it’ll do for our purposes.

First, I doubt that the monkey’s going on vacation. What I think is that he was caught in the act of being himself, as Allen Funt used to say on Candid Camera, by someone watching him with a video camera. When the people shooting the video were watching it, they saw him do this and said “hey! That would be a cool picture!” found the frame on the video that caught him at his silliest, and made this picture of it. I don’t think the monkey would sue if he were to see the picture and learn of the mirth and merriment being enjoyed by all, because, as we all know, monkeys make terrible…

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Deb tells us about monkeys practicing Tai Chi! Hahaha, maybe in a drunken haze?

nope, not pam

This post was written based on the following prompts:

Fandamgo’s Flash Fiction #181

Fandango’s Story Starter #60

What Do You See #148

Twiglet #293

Three Things Challenge #M62

Three Things Challenge #M63

Three Things Challenge #M64

Simply 6 Minutes – Welcome to the Challenge: 08/23/2022

It would be easy enough to come away from the encounter thinking he knew it all. I mean, chicken little, our saviour, had state from his lofty position, that the sky was falling, and it was.

Ok, perhaps not falling but the ceiling was leaning, and that was good enough for me to jump into action.

Without waiting for the alarm bells to ring, a request to be lodged at the post office of life, or the lightening to do whatever lightening does, I grabbed my umbrella and hat and ran out into the teeming rain.

It was raining monkeys and dogs, obviously a side effect…

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