I shouldn’t laugh: Compilation 08/24/2022

On my way past the branch of my local PD
I discovered the dearth of soft zibelline
I ardently posed as if ambidextrous
In front of the window and I thought I looked fine

I did not believe in covering my tracks
Since I knew I had done nothing wrong.
Like a bird on a branch in a sea full of kelp
I just stood there singing my song

About recovering wool or whatever the kind
Of fabric that I liked to use
When suddenly out of the door a man shot
Who was drunk and still singing the blues

I offered him help so that he wouldn’t fall
On his way off the stoop down the stairs
And tried to make as if I hadn’t felt
The laughter and all of the tears.

Simply 6 Minutes: 23rd August

Di shows how hard it is for someone to take yoga seriously when they don’t know how good it is for you!


Christine has given us a brilliant photo to work with this week.
All sorts of things came to mind…………….

This is a picture of a little monkey, maybe a Capuchin, which looks like it is in a yoga Warrior pose:  courtesy https://ibiene.com

I think he went that-a-way………….
John Travolta’s got nothing on me!
And let the exercises begin………….

Daaaad……………. will you quit mucking about? This is supposed to be serious.~

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Simply 6 Minutes – in my sixth decade

Trish won’t dance but maybe this guy is her new inspiration!


A monkey (lemur?) dancing in the desert

In my sixth decade, I do not dance!

How sad is that?

It would be amazing if I found my funky bone.

Grooved to a beat without compunction.

Swayed groovily to the sweetest dance track.


At home I twist and shout as I vacuum up dust.

Sing loudly in the car, tap a rhythm on the wheel.

Catch me singing to canned music in the supermarket aisle.

When a favourite tune pops up.

I push that trolley with a perky style.


But since I married in ’91, I have not danced in public.

I’ve been to several weddings, but I’m the boring one stuck in her seat.

And by extension, so is my husband who I’m sure would cheerfully stomp around the dance floor.

But he’s tethered by me.

Who he adores and promises ‘it’s no trouble’.


As I child I loved to dance. I’d cut the…

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Simply 6 Minutes — The Audition

Fandango made a perfect connection…One that may be true! 🤣

This, That, and the Other

I still don’t understand what went wrong. I was on a roll, man. I had all the right moves, you know what I mean? I had them on their feet, for crissake. I was a shoo-in for the part based upon all the feedback I received.

So imagine my shock and disappointment when they gave the lead role to some other guy. What’s his name, Travolta or something like that? He’s a hack, that’s for sure, but he has the look I think. The slicked back hair, you know, and the white polyester leisure suit. Personally, I thought it was tacky, but there’s no accounting for taste these days, is there? And on top of it all, SOB stole all of my best moves.

But, hey, that’s the way the cookie crumbles, right? They’ll be other parts for someone with my talents and skills, just you wait and see. I’m…

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