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Paula is the host of the Monday Peeve and lo and behold it is perfect timing.

When I am out in public or talking to someone on the telephone I am careful to sound polite and respond appropriately, as the majority of the public treat salespeople and customer service people like crap. The other day I got off the phone with someone (can’t recall what I was inquiring about) and David said, “You are probably the nicest person they have talked to all day”. Which brings me to this morning…

I have a customer who is purchasing a miniature and would like it delivered on a specific day. I told the customer I would check with USPS and UPS to find out what services they offer. Now, I live in a small village and although I’ve only been here about 6 months I have been in the post office I don’t know how many times, shipping out packages. They know me, maybe not by name, but by face and box size…So I go up to one of the tellers, not the usual guy, and ask if there is a way to guarantee that a package can get delivered on one specific day. He told me no. So I rephrased my question to ask if there was a way to guarantee the delivery even though I was sure it would be costly. He told me “overnight it”. Okay. So I said, “I need it to get there the 29th, a Monday”. He said, “There is no guarantee”. So I said, “No, I mean for overnight”. I went on to ask, “So if that is the case then I should come back on Saturday to get it there by Monday, and he got all pissy with me and said, “There is no guarantee and if you send it today overnight it will get there tomorrow.” So, I said, “I understand, but I would have to come Saturday because you are closed Sunday, so the packaage gets there Monday?” And he got pissy again and said, “No, we are NOT open on Sunday!”

Okay, I get you are under a lot of stress but really? He didn’t even have to do anything except type in a few numbers on. his computer.

I was being nice. Can’t you at least be nice back?

Evil Gambler: Compilation 08/21/2022

How many numbers can one gambler count
When wearing a crown, I’d say any amount
But he is a fool who’ll request a memento
And cross all his friends, making them foes
He’ll be unrelenting and seek a new hat
But rumors will stir, he’s too exotic for that
There’s no chance that his soul is headed up north
Heavenwardness, Godly haven, so forth
‘Cause he’s mean as a bull with secrets to hide
with his bony, white hand, he’ll push you aside.
He’ll float past the crowd on his way to the top
Then have a repast before he really will drop
To the bottom of hell or wherever it is
That bad people go, and it ain’t just show biz!
He’ll stay there and rot like bad people do
And no one will cry or ever be blue.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry