Being good: Compilation 08/20/2022

It is no trivial matter nor puzzle to explain
that biting through a cabbage stem can cause your teeth some pain
to frame it in a picture, exemplarily in fact
take a time to think about some other foolish act.
There was a time I crossed near a bowed stick in the road
Was it a toy or weapon? I was never told.
I knew a rope could tie it, the bight would hold it firm
But like a ghostly grasping, some boding caused alarm
I quickly took the footpath to home where I’d be free
And used the bytes on my device to see what this could be
I found a few long pages of spells and tricks and tips
but only saw the bended stick was really used for whips
I knew I didn’t need it as peace and calm exude
So now I will go rest myself, please don’t think me rude
I’ve closed up this long story with pleasantries abound
I couldn’t find more negative energy around.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

From my desk: 08/20/2022

I just received a message from my daughter that her boyfriend of years ago has just lost his step-father to cancer. When I had first met the family, so many years ago, the gentleman had been waiting and had finally received a new heart, as his was failing. Now, after surviving that he was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He started doing better but there is only so hard a body can fight. RIP Tom.

As anyone can imagine this opens so many wounds that will only partially heal. It is hard to understand that if this is a part of life, why understanding it and dealing with it is not easier. Oftentimes when I am remembering my late husband and especially my son I think about all the people who have lost their loved ones, some in even worse circumstances than my own and I just have to think how lucky I was to have them in my life to begin with. As I have always said, and will continue to say, losing my son is a something that will never feel better.

I appreciate all of you who read my blog and offer support. I hope that in some way or at some time I can help someone too.


Weekend Writing Prompt

Sammi has us writing in 76 words this week.

wk 273 alcazar

Come Home

Atop a hill and along the sea
The Alcazar stands watch of thee
To find the path to lead you home
Although is stands empty, alone

For in this palace made of stone
Is history filled with blood and bone
Fighting for the familys’ goods
Just rock in water replacing woods

Find this palace, find your space
Be mesmerized by just this place
For in the halls and in the air
Spirits roam without a care

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Squaresville’s Sunflowers

Larry has opened up a new storyline with this one!


131 words

Fred always enjoyed walking through the local sunflower field. There was one problem with it though. There were no other populated towns nearby, and every day, he saw people in the field but never a single familiar face.

‘How could this be possible?’ he would always ask his wife, family, and friends. ‘Squaresville is the only town in this region, and people can’t get here from anywhere else.’

No one else could come up with any answers. Day and night families sat upon their porches and stoops wondering about this mystery. ‘There is always someone there,’ they knew, ‘but never anyone anyone recognizes.’

Folks in Squaresville always keep their eyes and ears peeled for answers. No one will dare to search for any proof though. The risk may be too high.

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