Table for Two: Compilation 08/18/2022


Sitting alone at my table for two
staring right down wondering what I should do
xerophthalmia happening just like before
then there you come, right in the door.
In a purple Kimono you rekindle my flame
Using a metaphor, forgetting my name
In business casual an end to the day
I worry about turnover and want you to stay
The fees that abound contradict how I feel
Making this dinner, the loveliest meal.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Fibbing Friday

Di and Melanie host Fibbing Friday. Melanie I hope you feel better soon! Thanks Di for hosting!

1. What is a broom? The sound a toy car makes

2. What is a doughnut? The source of bread before it is processed.

3. What is a penny farthing? A penny that has a lisp with gas

4. What is a blanket? The opposite of a fullet

5. What is a socket? A tiny little sock

6. What is tapestry? The art of using tape

7. What is e-mail? The mail you get after you have received the d-mail

8. What is a shower? a person who likes to expose themselves

9. What is a sandbag? a cranky old lady

10. What is chocolate? a nickname for the guy who always shows up last to be in the spotlight

Rebel Without a Cause

Jim’s message on individuality

A Unique Title For Me

Petal was an emotionally confused sunflower and she enjoyed going her own way.  She made up her mind to do what she wanted to do and to go where she wanted to go.  Shacking up was what all the others wanted to do, as they followed the Sun.  Petal always went against the grain, no one understood what she had to do, as she has been hurt so much, and all of the other sunflowers were mean to her, and they treated her cruel.  She had to find a place to hide, and she kept on searching, and searching, to find a place where she could hide.  She turned her back on the other sunflowers in the field and they said, “Babe, you gotta go where you wanna go and do what you wanna do, with whoever you wanna do it with”.  She told them that they didn’t understand that…

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Listen to the tiny voice the Inkwell has left…

The Inkwell

The one that found the Sun Photo credit:

The field of sunflowers

spent the week

looking for the sun

The Sun that week

was resting

behind some very fluffy clouds

Those at the front of the field

wondered where their source of sunlight

had gone

Those in the middle

jostled about, in the hope

they’d catch a ray or two

A couple turned east, a few turned west

where the sun was hiding

was anyone’s guess

Till the smallest of the sunflowers

piped up from the line

“He’s standing behind us

Turn Round….All is Fine!”

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Tired Hamster gives us a moment of pause…

Very Important Stuff Here

u/EnjoyOslo via Boredpanda

Too many days, his face broke
from their shared sun, knowing
that there was value in living
eyes. But there was still
the feeling rooted behind his
eyes that mere individualism
wasn’t enough as the crowd
were fed the warm wealth of sky.
Below, something moves
but it scurries quicker
than his everyday gaze.

Written for Simply 6 Minutes. 54 Words.

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