If These Walls Could Talk…

Brandon’s tale – good moral lesson

Brandon Ellrich, Writer/Author/Poet

A man was sitting in his garden against an old brick wall. Thinking aloud, he said, “This wall has been here for so long. If this wall could talk, I wonder what it would say. I wish I could hear its stories.

“I can talk,” came an unfamiliar voice behind him. The man jumped up, startled.

“I will tell you my stories,” the wall said. The man looked around and, seeing that no one else was there, decided to reply to the wall.

“Yes,” he said, “I would very much like to hear them.”

The wall told him it would tell as many stories as the man would like to hear. “But you must grant me a wish as well,” the wall added. The man readily agreed.

The wall told him many stories of life and heartbreak, of physical pain he had witnessed, of secret conversations and even admissions of…

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Simply 6 Minutes – Someone’s Fool

Raven’s sonnet is so symbolic of this brick “wall”

Jezzie G

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

I listen to music while I am writing and by complete chance Pink Floyd were doing their thing when I opened Christine’s post. I guess my subject is going to be bricks then, who am I to argue? Here goes…

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Someone’s Fool
Form: American Libre Sonnet
Theme: Love
Subject: Bricks

Around my heart the wall of shattered dreams
Each brick concealing another broken shard
As sharps as diamonds lost within my screams
Once beautiful love now painful and hard
Each one evidence I let down my guard
Allowing my heart to be deeply scarred
“Never again” so oft I hear me say
And yet another brick to block the way
Beneath my skin to where my senses play
Desire easily overrides my mind
So rebuilding those walls without delay
Now by…

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Utopian Relief: Compilation 08/03/2022

Invariably direct, the enemy proceeds
In tempo with the steps, measured-out stride speeds
A classic kind of surge, movement towards the top
Flushing out the meager, not willing them to stop
Remunerated gifts get handed to the crowd
Surreal sounds arise, cheers becoming loud
A melancholy lull comes down to stunt the noise
Little girls and boys stay quiet with their toys
Time has come to leave, some people are content
A historical milestone, a memorable event