Moving On: Compilation 07/21/2022

Marcy was a woman who had much strength and skill
To make her life worth living, to do just as she will
Back in the beginning before the flashback came
She used the bag of money to gas the pseudo flame
The slit in her tight timeline prevented many things
The purlieu of her homestead developed yellow rings
Although a nifty idea she didn’t want to see
How playing a card like the red ace was how her life should be.
And so she put the cards back and looked up toward the sky
The future she was holding was her pressing reason why.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Throwback Thursday #48 – That Was Then And This Is Now

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1) When you were a kid, did you like your name? Would you have changed it if you could? Do you like it now? I don’t remember liking or not liking my name. When my daughter was little she wanted to be called something else, but I wasn’t like that when I was little. Now, I guess it is fine. It sounds a little weird to me for some reason. If I call someone else that has the same name, it doesn’t sound weird.

2) As a kid, what always brought a smile to your face? What about now, as an adult? (family-friendly please) I remember loving my toys, my stuffed rabbit, my other animals. One thing I remember was a conversation that I had with my sister when I was little. This could be totally fabricated but to me it is 100% true. When we used to go to parades and things my parents almost always let us buy one thing. I always picked balloons. My sister always picked stuffed toys or other things. She told me that it was my fault that I bought stupid balloons that died the next day, that I should pick things like her that lasted. As an adult creating things makes me smile. I love to see finished projects and realize that I did well. My pets bring a smile to my face because they are so sweet.

3) What was the most important lesson your parents taught you? Did you pass that lesson down to your family? I remember my mother always telling me that I was the only one who could make me happy, not to rely on anyone else. If I wasn’t happy it wasn’t anyones job to get me to be happy, it was my job. I also learned to care for other people. I think I did pass this on to both my children. I always loved that both of my kids were good, kind kids. My daughter is still so kind and cares for other people, sometimes more than she cares for herself!

4) Are there talents you started as a child that you still have? If so, what are they? Probably drawing. I always loved to draw. I loved dance, ballet mostly, but didn’t continue past my teen years (which I do regret).

5) Is there something you regret not doing or starting when you were young? What was it? I regret not continuing my dancing. I also regret not learning more about future opportunities. I feel like I grew up in some sort of bubble when it comes to that.

6) Did you have more close friends as a kid or as an adult? Any idea why? I have always had a handful of good friends at all points in my life. Some of them are still in that handful, even though I don’t keep in constant contact with them. I am sad when I think about people who were really close to me and no longer are, for whatever reason. I insecurely wonder if there was a way to have maintained those failed relationships. I was a kind person and when I was little, I was the one the teachers assigned to be friends with the new kids. I was very quiet but smart and attentive.

7) Where did you go to think as a kid? Where do you go now? I think just my bedroom. As a teen I liked to drive. Now, I like to create things or go out for a drive. One of my personal “anthems” is the song My Church by Marin Morris

8) What would be the name of the chapter of your life from 10 – 18? What would the name be the name of the chapter of your life currently? Simple Happiness would be the 10-18 chapter. Currently, it would be Realizing Happiness Despite Heartache.

9) What wonderful thing happened in your adult life that your child self could never have imagined? Despite losing my first husband, I think it would be finding love and feeling loved two times in my life.

10) Would your child self like your adult self? Why or why not? Yes, definitely. I understand people’s insecurities and have empathy and compassion for people. I was a shy child and I think I would have really liked me.