Blogging Insights NF #46 Blogging VS Social Media ?

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Over the past two years now, I think it’s been two years, my blogging has evolved from simply “trying to write stuff” to actually wanting to improve my writing not for any other reason than I like to see how much better I do each time, well, you all know what I mean! Anyhow, quite often my posts will also go to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They were for a long time, then they weren’t, now they might be again?!?!?! So, what do I think about this?

The only reason I reconnected my blogging to Facebook and LinkedIn again was to honor my son’s memory by posting the anniversary of his leaving. This was only last week. I wanted people to be able to remember him and think about him. I’m not sure if I am expressing it right, but this is sort of the gist of it.
I did cut off the social media connections after one of my sisters gave me shit last year three days before David and I got married. Another long story.

Overall, I sort of hate social media. I have always gotten hooked and then sucked down a depressive rabbit hole. I used to get depressed because of all the people who stopped calling or talking to me. I got depressed because of all the changes that had happened in my life that I hadn’t totally ironed out yet. Then I got depressed when I suffered loss after loss and I would see all my friends still so happy while I was so sad. Most recently I decided to check back in and see what was new. I saw a picture of an old friend with her son, also named Joe. He was older now, probably around 18 years old. I couldn’t handle seeing it. It just made me so sad that she has her Joe but I don’t have mine. So now again…I am done with social media. I prefer the companionship and friendships I have developed here on WP. I feel like it is a supportive community but not one that has to show off, or something like that.

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