Road Trip: Compilation 07/07/2022

On a green verdant hill in the vast countryside
a presidential vehicle, driving fast, slowed its ride
Responsibility from aides shouted, “go by fast”
but in exercising the law this man screamed out at last
the man shouted, “no!” and said that he wanted to see
what was in a dark hole in a big, old oak tree.
He knew he should waiver or lest he be drawn
into the brambles that spread all around on the lawn.
a twig poked out, then it snapped with a crack
but in his dark mind, the twig pursued fighting back.
He quickly raised an arm to safely shield his dark face
surveying all the land to find a quick hiding place.
He turned to his right and saw a clown standing by
Horror filled his whole face and let out a strange cry
Running away towards the cars open door, he ran fast
Knowing he’d better get away or this trip’d be his last.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry