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Questions:  General knowledge kind of.

  1. What ‘quivered’ like a bowl full of jelly? My butt, but that isn’t anyone’s concern except mine.
  2. What did the Old Woman in the Shoe treasure most of all? Fresh air
  3. If those three mice were blind, how could they make it up the pendulum on that famous clock? Hand over hand, foot over foot. It was dark anyway, they just felt their way up the chain.
  4. Did Lassie (a boy btw) ever get Timmy out of that darned well?  Clumsiest kid I ever heard of. No, he just lapped up some water and figured he was taking “one for the team”.
  5. It was round and ripe and red like a cherry…what is it? If it looks like a cherry and feels like a cherry then it’s a cherry
  6. What did Old McDonald find in his hayloft that he wasn’t expecting to see up there? Mrs. McDonald and the farm hand
  7. Did Jack and Jill get whupped (whipped) for spilling that bucket of water? No they got an ass-whuppin’ for falling down, getting dirty, and breaking Jill’s brand new crown.
  8. Was the moon really made of green cheese or was that kid just stoned a tiny bit? He was stoned and thought everything looked good enough to eat.
  9. Did the fox ever figure out how to get those grapes (in Aesop’s fable?) Nope, the crow ate them when he went to get his own stone.
  10. Did Chicken Little have a point when it ran around squawking about the sky falling? Only the day it rained.

Haunted House: Compilation 07/01/2022

In a house down the street with an unearthly vibe
Desperation is seen in the cracks on the sills
A camera click is a sign of the times
That discourse is present, not basic thrills
The plants all around find nutrition complete
in the rot and the moss on each block
A cougar could starve as nothing survives
but a clever frog under a rock.
No variation exists in this beat up old home
no more life will be present again
but watch for yourself the eery green glow
and the voices of ageless, dead men.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry