Go Home: Compilation 06/27/2022

Although the feeling all around was a melancholy mood
The policy of folks like me was fastidious and good
The swell of hope I felt that day diminished in a flash
While standing on the center lane, no barriers to dash
The happiness just slipped away to crush my vivid dream
Like oil on a flabby piece of skin in need of cream
Luck would have it no one else here seemed to see me cry
Except for one lone shaming man, I felt like I would die.
I tried to turn but felt real stuck with sorrow and some pain
Jumping now would do no good, there wasn’t any gain.
So here I stood aside the man, a standstill in my head
Realizing my day was done, so I left and went to bed.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

A Letter A Week: M – Holy Mole-y!

Nope, Not Pam hosts A Letter A Week. Join in here: https://nopenotpam.com/2022/06/26/a-letter-a-week-m/comment-page-1/#comment-12188

My words: place – monastery, emotion – mad, adjective – magnificent, verb – met, animal – mole

A mole in a hole is a normal event
but a rodent who prays is not
I met a magnificent mole today
and oh, what a shock I got!
She lives all alone in a bedroom for one
in a monastery up on a hill
She never gets mad and has lots of friends
And cools pies on her small window sill.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

New Pottery Pieces

I started making more miniature vases and have finally gotten to make the flowers out of Polymer clay. I have also made other new pottery pieces.

I have one new piece coming that I am really excited about, one I will probably be selling on my Etsy shop. I will also have the miniature vases with clay flowers on my Etsy store.