From my desk: 06/16/2022

I want to start by saying I thank God I have my daughter and David. I love that I have my dad but that is a whole different story now that his Alzheimers and Dementia are worsening. But I am thankful for Lindsay and David because tomorrow is the 4 year anniversary of losing my first husband, Bob, the father of my kids. The date was 6/17. Ironically, on the date 7/16 will be the 3 year anniversary of losing my son. 6/20 is also Bob’s Heavenly Birthday. He would have been 59 this year.

Lindsay’s birthday is July 6th so I will always have that bit of sunshine to brighten this month.
David is so wonderful to my beautiful daughter, so that helps me get through Father’s Day without both Bob and my “adult” father.

I don’t like to harp on the sadness but I do feel compelled to talk about it, to give their memories, Bob’s and my son’s, mention as it is a part of my life that holds both wonderful memories and dreadful sorrow.

The last time I was up in CT to visit I fixed up the site at the cemetery and today one of Joey’s closest friends sent me this picture, as he puts a motorcycle helmet with Joey’s name on it to honor his friend (until winter!).

When I was young (bad hair day): Compilation 06/16/2022

Way back when, when I was young and I lived in a shack
My parents were both generous and gave me lots of slack
My name was in the news just once when I was nine or ten
It was a misprint I had seen, which haunted me back then.
My height was short despite my age and so it wasn’t rare
For others to indulge themselves in ruffling my hair.
In my domain it suited me to leave my hair a mop
But mom and dad they fought with me if leaving our door stop
They thought the style quite unkempt and wanted it pulled back
There even was the once or twice my mom gave me a smack!
And so I live alone for now, as I’m a grown adult
I often look like Cousin It, and that is all my fault.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry