Simply 6 Minutes : 17th May


Christine of Stine Writing is our hostess for the Simply 6 Minutes challenge.
Another picture to get one’s teeth into…………
Picture courtesy
Lights across the bay spotlighted the mauve sky of evening. It was such a peaceful and beautiful setting.
No-one took much notice at first, thinking it was a trick of the light.
Then as the metallic blue substance extended along the shore, panic filled the night.
People ran screaming for cover, but still it came, silently in lethal stealth.
Tentacles reached out from the water, engulfing all they came in contact with.
Its touch was as cold as ice, freezing those fleeing to the spot, then drowning them in the shallows, feeding on the carcasses as they dissolved into its ever growing mass.
The lights started to falter, and one by one were extinguished.
All that was left was the sound of lapping water, slicked by a…

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