Elephant Trees ~ #Simply6Minutes

The Ramblings of E.M. Kingston

Image Credit: Digital Photo Pix

There’s a place, not known to thee

Where the forest grows some elephant trees

Were they once vines? I’ll never know

Did Jack’s Giant put on a show?

For the trunks branch down from heaven

There’s not one, ten, or even seven

Many elephants turned into wood

At least that’s what I see, what I understood

The forest of snouts is a miracle to see

A good place to climb or get down on one knee

The sun shines through a waving breeze

I hope all of those elephants never have to sneeze!

© E.M. Kingston, 2022 ~ All Rights Reserved.

Written for Stine Writing’s Simply 6 Minutes

I didn’t get many words on this one, as I am not usually a rhyming poet 🙂

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