No Second Date: Today’s compilation 4/27/22

FOWC: forgo
WOTD: playful
YDWP: shard
Ragtag: narrow
EM’s RWP: venial
3TC: Yellow, Purple, Blue

I shall forgo my presence
as planned on our first date
I know it just seems playful
But it’s like a shard of fate
Like narrow yellow petals
a flower blue with purple dots
my venial behavior
has got me tied in knots.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Just wondering: about prompts and challenges

I am just wondering what people think about the whole prompt and challenge thing in relation to the host. I ask this because I host Simply 6 Minutes and I try to read and comment on everyone who participates. I also like to show my appreciation for participating by sharing and reblogging. I know it is not required but it is what I like to do.
I also know that some people do a “roll call” at the end of the week and mention all the people who participated. I like that too.

But what about the blogs that don’t ever acknowledge your participation? Do you continue just to participate? As most of my followers have seen I ping back to each prompter or host. Does this mean that the host is not even looking at the responses as they come in? I don’t mean to be a jerk but I have noticed on a few of my posts that I have provided pingbacks to the person who is hosting has never even “liked” one of my posts. I don’t think I need a comment but if you’ve never even visited my post, what is the point?

Fandango’s Provocative Question

To join in visit Fandango’s site:

In the context of blogging and writing, what do you think is more important: what you say or how you say it?

I think it is a little of both. I have found that as I am looking through my feed and clicking here and there, there are some sites that I instantly leave for various reasons. One is chaos. If I can’t navigate your site to at least find something that was written within the last week or so (if you blog that often, lets say even a month or two) then great, but if I have go through links dating back to 2019 you’ve lost me. Second is blog name. It isn’t necessarily what it is or how it was chosen, I guess it is more on tact. For example, the other day I was perusing WP and I came across a blog with the name something like: People Abused by Priests. Now, I get it. I totally get it and I am not trying to minimize the trauma, the need for connection, the need to speak, but….in my opinion you won’t have anyone except those who are also terribly traumatized and looking for help. Sometimes it is best to get a wider audience where someone might have some perspective that doesn’t come from PTSD or trauma. I don’t know that is my opinion only.

As far as how things are said, I agree with many other bloggers that if there are spelling errors throughout or mistakes that “should” be found with a quick re-read then I get sort of uninterested in reading further.

Finally, if your post is so long that I have to scroll a whole bunch of times and still can’t find the bottom, you lost me.