Clean Puppy: Sunday Compilation 4/24/22

In an uncanny way
I saw the big dog shrink
Ensconced in a blanket
as he fell into the sink
no conniving as he sat there
the scent of soap so strong
like a fizzy soda
or the loud sound of a horn
Recognizance was not there
for he was a truthful mutt
strange that he was wrapped up
in an unusual rut
So he jumped out of the blanket
and up out of the sink
A clean and shiny puppy
is all that I could think.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

EM’s Sunday Ramble

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Here are the questions:

  1. What is at least one thing that makes you happy today? David went shopping and came home with beautiful flowers for me! He went out again and bought me a cart for my workshop. The flowers were the best!
  2. What is one thing that happened last week that made you feel positive and happy? I finally made the decision that when I have to go back up north at the end of May I am going to make the drive. First, I love the drive, but I also love the time to do whatever I want, stop when I want, keep going when I want. Then when I’m up north I don’t have to worry about catching a plane and renting a car. I’m just relieved.
  3. What is your positive personal mantra? (Mantra means “a statement or slogan repeated frequently” via Oxford Dictionary.) I’m really lucky to have all that I do have including my daughter, my dad, my husband and all my other friends and family, even though I have lost so much, I am still blessed with a lot.
  4. What is the nicest act you secretly did for someone? I am the type of person that if I see a mess I clean it up, whether it’s mine or not. I think I do helpful/nice things for people all the time, just because. One thing that I feel “qualifies” is the time about a month or two ago that I paid for the girl’s stuff behind me, since she only had two things and I had a whole cart – that way she didn’t have to wait.
  5. What is one hobby you would like to try? I would love to try more woodwork but with bigger things like real furniture, not miniatures.
  6. Bonus Question: What is your go-to song to belt out in the shower? I don’t have one…I don’t sing in the shower unless music is already playing.