Sister Flowers

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Sister Flowers

Yellow, red and white and green,
insuring that they’re easily seen.
Fifteen maidens in a row,
eyes distended, all aglow.
Skirts spread out to catch the sun,
observing me and everyone
who passed this way, their aprons spread
as though they wished to work instead
of simply standing in the sun
creating beauty for everyone!
You can join them if you wish,
but you must curb your sway and swish.
Stand quietly. Quit all your pranks.
You’re not allowed to break their ranks,
lest you draw disapproving glowers
from your docile sister flowers.

For Simply Six Minutes write a piece to accompany the above photo.  Exactly six minutes!  No rules broken.

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Grace: Sijo Poetry

To join in check it out here:

  • Three Lines
  • 14-16 syllables per line
  • A total of 44-46 syllables for the entire poem.
  • The first line of the Sijo usually sets the theme.
  • The second line elaborates on the first line.
  • The third line brings the poem matter to a close.

Pointed toes and porcelain skin shy smiles spinning twirling
Downy fluff floating soaring tumbling controlled by the wind
grace discovered in the simplicity of children and nature.

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