Cover the Plants

A Unique Title For Me

When Alexa alerted me about the wind chill that we were going to get tonight, I went out and put these cute looking sock puppets on the snapdragons.  They are hardy plants, but they need a little help from me when temperatures drop below the freezing mark.  Snapdragons are classified as tender perennials when they are in mild climates, which is what we have here in Florida.  When they are planted outdoors, they must be kept warm to help them survive cold weather, and this can be done by placing fabric over the plants.  I love my snapdragons and I think that they are well worth the special care that they need.  Look how cute they look in the alien outfits that I made for them!  When they are all dressed up for the cold snap, I usually sing that Elvis song ‘Love Me Tender’ to them.

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