April 4 Story Challenge in 99-words

Straight from Carrot Ranch: https://carrotranch.com/2022/04/04/april-4-story-challenge-in-99-words/

April 4, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story to explain “baby ducks ate my lunch.” How did that happen? Who is the protagonist? Where did the baby ducks come from? Go where the prompt leads!

Trip and Fall

Walking from work was better for my wallet. Sometimes I would walk through the park. Today was one of those days.
I didn’t see the root sticking up from the sidewalk. Next thing I knew I was falling forward, hoping to catch my fall, watching all of the contents of my bag fly out in front of me. Without a minute to think a baby duck rushed to my bag, and grabbing the sandwich with its tiny beak, ate my whole sandwich! Luckily I was headed home. Now I needed a few bandaids, a nap, and a new lunch!

©2022 CBialczak flashfiction

Welcome to Go Dog Go Cafe’s Haibun Wednesday!

Find it here: https://godoggocafe.com/2022/04/06/haibun-wednesday-april-6-2022/

Some things to keep in mind when writing haibun:

  • The range of haibun is broad and frequently includes autobiography, diary, essay, prose poem, and travel journal.
  • A haibun is a combination of prose and haiku.
  • The prose is brief and simple and usually written in the present tense.
  • The haiku should not attempt to repeat, quote, or explain the prose.

This week’s prompt is to write on your Thoughts about Spring. Go where the prompt leads.

As the weather warms, my bones ache less,
my muscles lose their tension, my thoughts wander,
I find time to enjoy life, I find myself thankful for all I have.

Bringing in new life
Colors blend with sights and sounds
Now for a fresh start

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

From my desk: April 6, 2022

My interview got rescheduled for tomorrow…thank God! I just got to the car dealership for service on my car and this one is a big one…I will be here all day! So, if you think you’ve seen a few of my posts, get ready, I’ve got all day! Lol.

I am realizing planting a garden in the south is very different than a garden in the north. Not sure how successful my first year will be. My Rosemary seems to be happy and a few of my tomato plants. My lettuce not so much and it may be just too warm for peas even though the package said it was okay. Kale, good in one pot, bad in another. I am using coffee grounds, egg shells, and banana water so I know everything is healthy.

Peace to you all!