You Don’t See Many of These

A Unique Title For Me

The redicuceros is basically a rhinoceros with a chicken like head and they are very timid creatures that try to avoid contact with humanoids.  Instead of having the horn on the upper surface of their snout, they have an upright comb like that of a chicken.  The comb acts like the radiator of a car, helping to cool the redicuceros off from the desert heat.  Blood circulates through the comb’s large surface area to release heat.  The comb also has some sex appeal for other redicuceros.  It is thought the redicuceros is a new animal that evolved due to climate change.  This animal has a beak shaped mouth, which it uses to catch and hold its food.  Under its beak are two fleshy lobes or flaps of skin, called waddles, and one hangs on each side.  These waddles are also part of the animal’s cooling system.  Scientists feel that this…

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