Fragmented and Broken ~ His Skin

The Ramblings of E.M. Kingston

Part of me is missing, fragmented in myself

I cannot hear my own sorrow, only see my regrets

No smile braces my lips, pursed tight

Not letting words slip, silence

My eyes cry silently, no tears call fall

The bareness of my skin, tells a story of oppression

Do you see me from one side, or the other?

Do you feel my pain in your eyes? I suffer.

Fragmented senses, lacking and slacking

Brought on by myself? No, others.

Only my skin is seen, prejudice…bias

Broken in pieces, disassociation with my roots

My culture attacked, violence ensues

You cannot see past my skin, racist

You cannot make me hear your words

Volunteered deafness, with one eye locked

On the soul that you are lacking, as you define me.

Label me different than pasty…go ahead.

Stop patronizing me, I am broken for you

Because of you… and you won’t stop…

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