Flashback Track Friday #62

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Is there a song you associate with someone special in your life?

Please share a song which sparks fond memories of someone, or something, in your life? A relative? A friend? Maybe a family pet? Or even somewhere you lived or visited? Even better, share that memory as well?

After losing my husband in 2018 I sort of figured I would be on my own…maybe not forever, but I didn’t feel the need to find someone else. But fate plays its own role and I met David. I was nervous to have such strong feelings for someone, I was falling in love. I didn’t want to rush into things and one day I told him how I felt. Then I heard this song…


There’s no need to complicate it
Dress it up or overstate it
Without too much hesitation
Here’s the way I feel

I like you, I like you
Even when I don’t try to
Yes, I do, that’s the truth
I like you

Seven years is a long, long while
Somehow you still make me smile
I’d say almost most the time
Here’s the way I feel

I like you, I just like you
Even when I don’t try to
Yes, I do, that’s the truth
I like you, hmm

There are way too many love songs
And I think they’ve got it all wrong
‘Cause life is not the mountain tops
It’s the walkin’ in between
And I like you walking next to me

Well I like you, I like you
Even when I don’t try to
Yes, I do, that’s the truth
I like you, yeah

Even when I don’t try to
I still like you

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Benjamin Rector

I Like You lyrics © Ben Rector Music


Melanie posts these questions each week and I love to share all that gunk in my mind! Lol. Find it here


What fictional family would you like to be part of?  (think TV shows, cartoon or books or some fictional family that you admire) Definitely the Brady Bunch. I love their house and would love to have all those siblings.

Which band or artist would you like to play at your funeral or memorial service? (the artist can have passed on too) I would love Freddy Mercury to play at my funeral. Since he can’t I think I would like Andy Grammar or Soja!

Preference.   Popcorn, M&Ms or other.   Choose something you love snacking on. Ice cream. Any flavor, any time, any day, any meal….

If you could be any supernatural (fantasy) character, what would you be?  (Think Elves, fairies, dragons or whatever) I would want to be one of the Wonder Twins….I would want to be the one that turns into animals and other things, not water or anything fluid.


Please share the best advice you’ve ever gotten which you feel ought to be shared with everyone.

My mom always said:
Only you can make you happy, don’t rely on someone else for your own happiness.

New Book! The Stars Forgot Us (YA Paranormal)

We’re celebrating the release of The Stars Forgot Us, by bestselling author R.J. Garcia. This beauty will be available on March 30th. Read on for details and a chance to enter a fantastic giveaway – A paperback copy & a $10 Amazon e-gift card (US only) and an e-book edition if the winner lives outside the US!

The Stars Forgot Us

Publication Date: March 30th, 2022

Genre: YA Paranormal

Publisher: Midnight Tide Publishing

Fifteen-year-old Jacob Kelly would love to go back to simpler times. Before his parents’ divorce and the onset of his older brother’s schizophrenia. But when he returns to his hometown, things feel off. After a series of strange occurrences in his new house, Jacob fears the house is haunted, or even worse, he is losing his mind.

To his surprise, Jacob discovers a mysterious teenage runaway, Sanctuary Daniels, living in the house. She reveals she has been kept by a figure known only as Mother, in a place where downstairs children are languishing prisoners, and upstairs children do Mother’s bidding.

Both Jacob’s investigation into Sanctuary’s allegations and their budding romance are cut short when she is reclaimed by evil beings. Beings who unleash terror upon Jacob and his family. Now he must journey to a real haunted house to save his first love and fight for his life.

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My eyes snapped open as three words surfaced in my sleepy brain. You’re not alone. A cold settled into my flesh, making the fine hairs on my arm stand up. I sat up in bed, sucking in a deep breath, and stared into the darkness, unsure what had woken me. My lights were off. It was pitch black. Then the distinct pitter-patter of footsteps sounded down the hall.     

“Mom?” When I got no answer, I jumped out of bed and scrambled for the light switch. The overhead fluorescent light blinked on, and I immediately noticed the closet door was partway opened again. This time, I was sure I’d closed it, so I started off with slow, measured steps to investigate. I yanked the door open the rest of the way and hit the closet light. I scoured the walls to discover more writing. The single word, HELP, was written in the same marker on the wall. My pulse skyrocketed. It freaked me out. 

I crept back over to the bed and grabbed the blanket, swinging it around my shoulders like a cape, settling down on the drafty hardwood floor. With a shiver of anticipation, I kept my eyes pinned to the door, and strained to hear the slightest noise. It was eerily quiet. Even the wind had died down.     

Unexpectedly, I heard a girl’s voice, so soft it was hardly audible, as it drifted up from the floor. It was only the word, “I’m.”       

I scooted over to the vent and whispered, “Um…hello?” There was no reply. It could have been a ringing or humming in my ear. Yeah, I’d only imagined it was a voice. Yet, I hadn’t imagined the writing on the wall. I mean, what the hell? I got up and decided to have a look around. If someone was in the house, I had to know. I exited my room and began my search.       

I stood face to face with a long and quiet hallway—doors on the left and right. My mind was a hot blank space as a thread of fear tugged me along. My mom’s bedroom was kitty-corner to my room, so I stepped in just far enough to take in the visual of her tucked in bed. Her sleeping sounds were somewhere between wheezes and moans.

“Mom?” I whispered, but she didn’t wake up, and I decided to just let her sleep.

I crossed over to the spare bedroom, smacking on the lights. There was only a desk and Mom’s old computer in the corner. Determined, I was now on a serious hunt and rushed to the closet, flinging the door open. There wasn’t anything. Not even writing on the wall.     

Next on the list was Michael’s room. I found him sitting up in bed with a vacant stare. The lights were off, but the blinds were open. Moonlight flitted in, creating shadowy outlines above the chest of drawers that appeared incompatible and menacing.

My gaze returned to my brother as I cleared my throat. “Were you just walking around?”


“Did you hear a girl’s voice, Mike?”     

He came to life. “Yeah. I heard her.”     

My mouth dropped. “Holy shit, I hoped I imagined it.”     

Michael stared at me with an unsettling intensity. “I heard her in the vents, the drainpipes, and in the walls. If you listen closely enough, you’ll hear them all.”     

Oh great, I’m losing it too.      

My brother nodded approvingly. Tension slid from his features, softening his mouth and jaw muscles. Misery loves company, I guess.     

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About the Author

R.J. Garcia is a wife, and proud mom of two smart teens and a chorkie, Zoey She earned her MSW and worked with foster children and as a school social worker. Writing has been her other great love. She has been writing short stories for as long as she can remember. To her amazement, those short stories became novels!

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