E.M.’s Sunday Ramble Prompt #16

EM Kingston hosts the Sunday Ramble

This week’s topic is “Life and Positivity“.

I hope you enjoy the ramble!

Here are the questions:

  1. What are the greatest attributes about you that make you feel good about yourself? I know I am honest with people and with myself. I do not take advantage of others and feel that most people deserve being listened too.
  2. What is/are your biggest motivation/s to get things done? Not having to do them at another time
  3. Do you have any tips that could help others with their own motivation? Think positively and just get things done.
  4. As you are sitting there reading this question, observe the area around you. What item in your home/work/car (wherever you are) made you smile when you observed it? My giraffe collection. I have a few pieces that range in size and I recently made a few pieces of pottery that I painted a giraffe print on before firing.
  5. What always makes you laugh and smile in your life? My daughter, my dad, my family and memories of all the people who I loved but are now gone.

Sunday Whirl: Wordle 545

Brenda hosts the Sunday Whirl: https://sundaywhirl.wordpress.com/2022/03/20/wordle-545/

Unimaginable Ukraine

Amidst the rubble after the war
The explosions are felt ‘round the world
The power of one is evil by far
While his wicked ways become unfurled

Homes are now scarce as spirits decline
The free world is far from the norm
The people will sit while bombs sing and whine
Like the deadliest part of the storm

An unrelenting battle goes on
As tears rise all ‘round the globe
The lilt and swagger now is far gone
While the search for the dead is the probe

©2022 CBialczak Poetry