Same, Same, But Different – Saturday Mix, 19 March 2022

Same Same But Different
Your ‘Same Same But Different’ task is to take the five challenge words and NOT use them in your writing. That’s right, you need to dig out your thesaurus and find a synonym for each word instead. Check it out here

Your words are:

  1. try
  2. dash
  3. climb
  4. pool
  5. change

Willing to put in the effort
Veva tried to rush to her car
Lumbering up to the seat
She could see how the rain water puddled around the statue
making a difference in the way the sun reflected off of it.


Find the prompt here

Restaurant Life

A clatter, a clink, a swoosh and a wink
the plate washer washes the pot at his sink
He uses the soap from the bottle so green
He needs a good cleanser to get it all clean.
The waitress will wait for the shiny clean bowl
Knowing the patrons will soon come to call
She’ll fill up the bowl with greens and the such
Not caring about filling that bowl way too much.
The people will sit and enjoy their big feast
The waitress will hope for twenty percent at the least.
She’ll get them their drinks and their tiny hors d’oeuvres’
Thinking getting them drunk will get on her nerves
So she settles on soda and watered down drinks
At least if they’re sober they might tip, so she thinks.
But when they are done and the place has been clear
She’ll check in her pocket, without any fear
Then she’ll count all her loot and get ready to go
Knowing that shopping is where her money she’ll blow.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

March 2022 Writing Prompts

Week 3 (March 15-21) – Paper stars and green fizz

Find this writing prompt here. Setting the timer for ten minutes and here I go…….

Molly couldn’t believe it had finally come! Her tenth birthday. Finally double digits and summer vacation. She wondered what she would get for her birthday this year. Last year, she remembered with a grimace, had been colorful face masks for the upcoming school year. That stupid virus made that birthday really lame. But this year she was having a party! There would be paper stars hanging from the ceiling in the living room and green fizz in the punch mom promised to make. Grandma was bring a giant cake and Uncle Bill said he had something really special for her special day.

Molly wasn’t one to care much about presents, she really had everything a kid her age could ask for, except for a pony. Dad said they didn’t have room for a pony but she knew the old pasture out back would be perfect. Mom said we didn’t have time or the understanding of how to raise a pony but Molly knew she could learn. She hoped she got this wonderful gift but she didn’t want to get her hopes up. She didn’t want to be disappointed like last year, but then again nothing could be as bad as a party on Facetime and face masks as the big gifts.

Molly walked to the closet to pick out a great birthday outfit. She wanted to wear her favorite dress, the one with the little flowers on it and the belt, but she thought maybe, just maybe, she should wear pants in case she did get a pony. Then she wouldn’t have to waste any time going back inside to change her clothes. What would Mason say? He had a horse at his dads but always complained because he couldn’t ride him by himself. Mason’s horse was huge. Molly tried to think, did Mason say he used to be a race horse or a work horse? Aw, that didn’t matter. What did matter was what she would have her pony do.

Molly sat on her bed and imagined looking out her window to see a pony waiting for her in the pasture. She could open her window and called down to it, that she was coming, that she would bring carrots and apples. She had thought about names but hadn’t totally decided. If it was a boy pony she might call him Hunter or