The Sunday Whirl

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When I looked over at her face, she stuck her tongue out at me. She was holding the book I had given her, the one with my inscription telling her all the ways I felt about her. I wanted to climb into a cave, drag myself away from this place, and build a barrier between us because I was so embarrassed. Apparently she didn’t sit vigil waiting for me as I waited for her. The book was only meant to be a small memento but now I regretted telling her how I really felt. Now it just felt like letters thrown into the wind. This was going to be the death of me and any chance I had with the woman of my dreams. 

E.M.’s Sunday Ramble Prompt #15

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This week’s topic is “Kitchen and Food“.

Here are the questions:

  1. When you are in the kitchen cooking (or cleaning), do you have anything playing in the background (i.e.,TV, music, Julia Childs, etc.) while you are completing your tasks? If you are not someone who cooks or does chores in your kitchen, think of another chore or task. While you are doing that task, do you have anything going on in the background? I usually forget to put any type of background noise on. I like to listen to music and sometimes have my audiobook going but for the most part I typically work in quiet unless someone else turns music or TV on. I guess it just isn’t something I think of doing.
  2. What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten that someone cooked for you? My mom used to buy smoked pigs feet. I don’t know if this is weird or just plain gross! I remember her eating pickled pigs feet but those I don’t remember eating.
  3. Thinking of that weird food, did you like it enough to eat it again or get the recipe? Good lord! I couldn’t stomach it now. I can’t do anything “animal” and think of it while eating, as it makes me nauseous. I probably should just be a vegetarian.
  4. What’s the food you usually refuse to share? candy
  5. Do you use recipes when you cook, or do you have your own way of cooking the food that you love? If you are not the person who cooks in your household, pick a task that has directions/instructions. Do you follow the directions or put them to the side? I have a few recipes that I use but I don’t typically measure things out or anything, unless I am baking. I am pretty good at marrying different flavors, so I can make unique dishes depending on what I have in the house.
  6. Bonus: Pick three smells in your kitchen that make you happy when you smell them. Cloves, fresh bread, oranges