Fandango’s Provocative Question #160

Welcome once again to Fandango’s Provocative Question.

This week’s provocative question is…

Do you think, given everything that is going on in the world, that children born these days will have a worse or better life than their parents? Why do you feel that way?

I don’t think the world’s activity has an effect on “worse or better” in a general way. It is what they are born into and know. I can’t say that my life is better than life in the 40’s because I didn’t live in that time. Are there horrible things that mark each era? Yes. But unless you pinpoint a certain group of people during a devastating time, isn’t each day a new day?

I am not saying that horrible things happen and it doesn’t matter. All of my relatives on my mother’s side went to concentration camps. Would the world have been better for me if that hadn’t happened and they were still living during that awful time? Of course, that situation was horrible and it made the world a center of ugliness and hatred, but who is to say that life was definitely worse.

I think each generation is going to have its own problems, its own agenda, its own heartache….but also its own happiness and peace.

Fibbing Friday

This week PCGuyIV hosts: Welcome to Fibbing Friday! Time to lie until your pants are burned to a crisp! Just answer the questions below in a post on your own blog as creatively as you can, making sure that you bend, stretch, break, or outright ignore the truth. 

  1. What is Mick Jagger known for? blowing bubbles with his wife and kids
  2. What do Ronnie Milsap and Stevie Wonder have in common? Stevie Wonder loved pancakes so Ronnie was a great contact.
  3. What was the rock musical, Tommy really about? It is the male version of Evita, except he lives in the US and isn’t married.
  4. What was Liberace’s claim to fame? being a good mediator during debates, since he had such liberal views.
  5. Why were bubbles such a big part of The Lawrence Welk Show? Because welks blow bubbles when the are under water as a way of exhaling.
  6. What exactly is chamber music? The music they play for death row inmates
  7. What physical impairment did Ludwig van Beethoven suffer from? He had no body hair, which is why he had to wear a wig, but it also exposed his bare skin to the sun and harsh elements.
  8. What type of music was popular during the Big Band Era? Very loud rock with every instrument imaginable.
  9. What is Weird Al Yankovic known for? being a quiet conservative
  10. What did Sonny Bono do once he left the entertainment industry? he developed and marketed a new brand of dog biscuits – Bono Bones.