From my desk: 02/25/2022

Good morning!

Our world right now is being shaken up and I had an idea that another blogger added to, which would be a humanitarian attempt for those suffering.

Yesterday I read so many poems, especially those on d’Verse Poets Pub ( that were focused on the turmoil in Ukraine. I mentioned that all of these poems should be put into an anthology and the other blogger, Eli Britain ( had the idea that they should be put into an anthology and sold so that proceeds could go to those who have now lost everything in this ugly war. Does anyone know how this could be accomplished or have a way of helping? I thought that was a great idea.

I’m sure in the days to come there will be more about this horrible ordeal Ukraine is going through and to help them would be a wonderful feat.

Stine Writing’s Simply six Minutes: to stripe or not to stripe? That’s the question

No question here, this one has stripes! Lol.

sound mind journal

to stripe or not to stripe

no one asks permission

concession or confusion

remains unanswered question

o how i envy the authentic zebra

running as free as wild as can be

and all they want to be

while i lament even as a cloistered being

see my eyes and you see all


seeing is believing

seeing is revealing

seeing is deceiving

is there a heart in the eyes that cannot lie

genuine or fake the beholder may deem be

(running out of stripes to line up further so here i stop before the six minutes are up…) (sigh)

sound-mind notes 2022-02-25

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