The Sunday Whirl


Word List:


Test of Faith

In a temple of the Gods
Below a sky of stars
The stories of the elders
Are heard from near and far
They’re weaving their tales tightly
A step above a lie
walking in the door in spring
Or scuffling on by
Your mouth is hanging open
Heart fluttered in your chest
Shadow ghosts from dark appear
Some sort of worship test.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry



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The Clerk

A typist or a taylor
A waitress or a host
A maitre d at a fancy place
Is the job that I’d like most.
Right now I’m just a clerk
In a bank right up the street
Standing for eight hours
On my sore and aching feet
I didn’t pick a job like this
I didn’t want to work
My girlfriend said I had to
She said I was a jerk
And so I stand here working
With money stacks galore
Waiting for my shift to end
And then I’m out the door.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Word of the Day Challenge

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The Breakup

“Are you friendly? Yes or No?”
Was all that she could write
On that little paper
Hidden in plain sight
She’d pass it to her boyfriend
The teacher’d have no clue
She’d want it back and answered
It was the least that he could do
The prom was coming shortly
She’d have to by a dress
She knew she’d look so pretty
She’d secretly confess
But when she got the note back
With nothing written on the line
A smug and evil smile
He thought his cruel joke was fine
A tear rolled down her pretty face
She thought there’s someone new
She didn’t know just where to look
Her sadness grew and grew
And then she stood up quickly
Not asking for a pass
She handed him a brand new note
“You are the biggest ass!”


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Little Frog

Once upon a time
down in the southern bog
there was a slimy toad
or maybe slimy frog
He’d jump upon the grasses
not sinking in the mud
the rascal never made a sound
not one little muddy thud
He’d hop around all day
looking for his flies
They’d dart right in his vision
a sight for sore-ish eyes
He’d flick out his long tongue
as quickly as he could
but everytime he did it
He’d get a splinter from the wood
He hated all the dead trees
that lay upon the ground
but they fell each time in winter
not making any sound
and so he goes on looking
for food that he can eat
Then up into the air he’d go
springing from his feet
He’d fly off with the breeze
‘Cause he barely weighed an ounce
Never seeing gators
Who couldn’t wait to pounce
They’d jump onto the mainland
more quickly than you’d think
and eat that frog for dinner
then into water they would sink.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

FOWC with Fandango — Layoff

Fandango hosts this daily challenge

If I could get a layoff
I know just what I’d do
I’d scurry off to classes
where I haven’t got a clue
I’d jump onto the subway
just for a little ride
I find a chinese restaurant
and hide away inside
I’d walk out to the local park
To see who I could find
I’d pet a cute black puppy
if that lady doesn’t mind
I’d shop until I drop
spending every accrued dime
all my hard earned money
gone in seconds-time
I’d enter a dark blues bar
to satiate my thirst
but before this all can happen
I’d have to get a real job first

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Sunday Poser # 68

Sadje is the host of our weekly question. Find it here

Probably not as much as I should be. On New Years Day my wallet was stolen. I immediately called all the credit cards and all that. I know I had some other info in there but I think it would be useless to the local wallet-thief. I’m hoping it is all in the garbage dump, even though I wish it had just been mailed back to me or something…bygones.

Online I try to keep my passwords “tricky”. I mean most of them are things that unless you were in my brain there is really no way for you to figure it out.
Any social media is a risk in and of itself so I’m bad there too. I sell on Etsy so a lot of my information is public.

Overall, I try to do what I can. I’m not a fanatic nor do I give information easily…that is what I like to hope.