Fibbing Friday 18th February

Di is hosting Fibbing Friday this week. Here are the questions and the link

1.   Who sang about the green green grass of home? The Beatles. They wanted a song to go with Yellow Submarine
2.   Where will you find The Wind in the Willows? In the Willows…is this a joke like who is buried in Grants tomb?
3.   Who was Nora Batty? Some crazy lady
4.   Who was the star of Tales of the Riverbank? The alligators, they had the largest tails of all.
5.   Who sang ‘I’m gonna make you mine’ ? My husband
6.   What is a dowager? the opposite of a don’twager
7.   What do the letters LED stand for? Lit Electric Diamonds
8.   What are ‘cobbles’ ? What are not cobbles?
9.   What is a shoe horn? That part of a clown’s shoe that squeaks when it walks.
10. What was once advertised as the fifth emergency service? I missed the first four so I don’t know.

Fandango’s Flashback Friday — February 18th

Fandango hosts Flashback Friday to remind us all of the progress we’ve made as well as the memories we cherish.

This is a poem from February 2020. Neither 2020 nor 2021 have a February 18th prompt but his was close…

A Rose

What is all the ruckus?  
Why do still shout
Don’t you see I’ve brought you 
flower, rose no doubt. 

I heard a little rumor 
that flowers make you smile. 
I’d walk through city traffic 
I’d walk an extra mile! 

I’d cycle through all my days 
to make you feel my love. 
You are so soft and gentle, 
like white feathers of a dove.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry