Sunday Poser # 67

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What are your thoughts about Valentine’s Day?

I remember as a kid loving to write everyone’s names on the valentines for school and then taking all mine home to read them. They were all the same, I think it was just to see “how many people liked me” or something. I mean the kids were supposed to give one to every classmate. Sort of pointless.

When my kids were little they weren’t too excited about them but made a fuss about buying the ones that had candy with them. I remember always being a little cheap about it but I think they were happy.

As an adult I always liked to hear “Happy Valentine’s Day” but always felt bad that Bob, my late husband, would want to spend three times the amount on a bunch of roses just because it was the “right thing to do”. I mean he meant well, I know that, but I always felt a little guilty because the price was only high for that one day.

Last year, David proposed the day before Valentine’s Day so we went shopping for wedding rings on Valentine’s Day. Spending the day together is enough for me.

I bought my dad a bunch of stuff for Valentine’s Day…I made a bucket with all these tinsley things, for his apartment. I also gave him a rose that lights up. The rose he put on his walker. He is like a little kid now so I know he loves getting the heart embellished stuff.

I used to buy my kids a gift, I don’t remember if I did every year or not and when I stopped or whatever…The day is really just a commercialized holiday like Halloween. I am thankful if I get something but certainly don’t expect it and don’t want anyone to spend extra just because there is a heart on it.

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sunset finish limit string spill heartbeat trails fairy lacy tick stone gate

Come Back

Sitting here I watch the sunset, my glass reflects the glow
The wine is almost finished and I’ve got nowhere to go

My heartbeat’s running rapid as I think about our night
No limit to the love I felt, the timing felt so right

Strings of sun spill upon the sea in trails not hard to see
I wish there was a fairy that could bring you back to me

As tears well up my view begins a fine lacy effect
Time is ticking quickly until the dark of night is set

A stone throws way across the sea will bring you back to me
And at my gate you’ll find my love and know just where to be.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry