From my desk: 02/11/2022

I have a few questions…

  1. Why does Blogspot not have a like button for their bloggers?
  2. Why do stories come up in my feed that are so old?
  3. After comments on a post there are often “related” sites to check out. One today was a post from 2010, hence my question #2. Okay, that’s not really a question.
  4. If the world were to start spinning backwards would that make the other side of the world a day behind rather than a day ahead?
  5. Where exactly is that line, the longitude I believe, between today and tomorrow?
  6. Is #5 the same question as #4 but worded differently?

Feel free to answer all or none. I just had to get them out of my head!

Friday Writings #13: 13 Words on the 13th

Hosted by Poets and Storytellers United:

bone, night, tell-tale, rhyme, tongue, storm, dirt, moon, chaos, winter, echo, howl, forest.

No Words

There is no bone in the tongue
To hold the howl in a forest
So that the echo is heard in the night.

There is not tell-tale sign
That a storm is brewing
Ready to make chaos of the dirt of the path.

There is no light from the moon
In the cold months of winter
For a poet to find hidden words to rhyme

There is no way out of the darkness
Where the sounds conceal
The thoughts that are uttered in a scream.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Whirligig 357

The Magical Mystical Teacher hosts the weekly Whirligig:

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Chelsea Piers” by Joseph O. Legaspi: lover, piers, dinner, midsummer, moon, clouds, waves, glitter, sanctuary, danger, silent, plunges

Modern Day Romeo and Juliet

As lovers dine along piers jutting out into the waves
A sanctuary is formed on this midsummer night
Under the moon with no clouds in sight
Stars glitter and glow forming night lights
But danger lurks in the silent waters
For when dinner ends the lovers will plunge
Into the depths below the sea.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry


bird-island.jpg (1000×750)

KL Caley hosts this writing prompt weekly:

Her Creative Place

She stood, looking at the small island. How could it be that only years before it was her refuge still attached to the rocky shore she loved so much. She remembers sitting out there, as a child, under the willow tree, writing, drawing, and daydreaming about her future. Now the time was here and she was finally able to come back. She wanted to see if she could get that same creative feel if she sat under the tree again. But, to her dismay, there was now a path of water that wove its way between the land and the new island, making it impossible to cross unless wearing shorts and water shoes. She couldn’t remember water even coming up that high but with the rain increasing as a result of global warming, she assumed it happened without anyone even noticing. Maybe she would come back in the summer when the water wouldn’t be so ice cold. Nah, she thought to herself, it took me this long to come back and look what happened. By the time I come back again the whole island will probably be underwater with a dead tree laying on its side, limbs protruding above the surface of the water.

©2022 CBialczak Fiction

Friday Fictioneers

Rochelle is the host:

bill-r-1.jpg (2040×1530)

Go ahead Billy, if you think it’s such a good idea. 

No way, I’m not opening the door. I didn’t say it was a good idea I just said maybe he left some money in it or something. 

By the smell of it he must have left his lunch in it, it smells disgusting!

That’s a strong smell for an old, rotting lunch. My lunch has never smelled that bad even when I’ve forgotten it in my backpack for the weekend. 

Well, what is that smell then?

I don’t know. Like I said, go open the door and we’ll see. 

©2022 CBialczak Fiction

Fibbing Friday: February 11th, 2022

Frank is hosting Fibbing Friday this week:

Greetings, and welcome to Fibbing Friday! Answer the questions below as creatively as possible; just be sure to bend, stretch, break, or outright ignore the truth! Once you’ve crafted a fine set of fibs, post them on your blog and tag it as “Fibbing Friday”. Be sure to link back here so the rest of us can enjoy your twisting of the truth! Pingbacks are enabled or you can simply drop a link in the comments below. Have fun!

  1. Why is St. Valentine’s day observed on February 14th? They thought it would be bad luck to have a holiday on Friday the 13th.
  2. According to legend, what is supposed to happen if a groundhog sees his shadow on February 2nd? It scares the shit out of him, he takes off and now someone else has to worry about his screwing up their garden.
  3. Whether you call it Mardi Gras or Pancake Day, what is the day after “Fat Tuesday” called? Nausea Wednesday
  4. What does Presidents Day commemorate? The fact that they were able to get a little tiny face inscribed on a little metal disc of copper and silver
  5. What is the story of Beauty & the Beast about really? 50 years of marriage
  6. What allows Peter Pan to fly? Tinkerbell carries him by the waistband
  7. Why did the princess kiss the frog? Because she was too young to understand that amphibians can carry diseases and those creatures should be left in the water
  8. What is Pinocchio about? The original childrens party game invented by Occhio except he got tired of everyone poking him with sharp objects when the saw him.
  9. Why did Little Boy Blue need to blow his horn? Because Little Girl Pink told him to keep his hands off of hers
  10. Why did Jack and Jill go up the hill? Because their school was uphill both ways and they went barefoot in the snow, day after day…wait, that was my dad’s reason…